Get Noticed: How to Build Trust With a Personal Voice

Build Trust: Tap Into Your Personal Voice for Maximum Impact

Hand to heart: Do you feel a personal bond with the author of a Wikipedia entry? Sure, Wikipedia is a valuable source of information, but oh so boring… readers need more than just facts.

When writing Wikipedia entries, the author’s job is to present the information as objectively as possible, which means it lacks the personal connection that makes reading enjoyable.

Giving your business a human face will bring lots of benefits. However, this approach is not for everyone. Some large companies think they can do this, but it can have consequences if it comes across as fake and lacking in authenticity.

As a small-business owner, you can build trust with a personal voice by engaging more personally with your customers.

One of the Best Ways to Build Trust Is Through Your Voice

Make your tone of voice welcoming, friendly, and conversational so readers feel you are speaking to them one-to-one.

Your unique voice will act as a powerful magnet that draws in your ideal customers. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring their need for trust — connect with them on a personal level by giving your content personality.

Want your website to thrive?

Focus on building trust with your personal voice to help captivate your audience. Craft your words to create an engaging, understandable story. Make complex topics easy to understand.

Know Whom You’re Writing For and Why To Build Trust

By knowing your audience, you’ll learn how to speak to them and provide them with the information they need, in the tone of voice and language they understand.

Are you targeting a scientific audience?

  • Present the evidence clearly, and concisely.
  • Use clinical terms rather than everyday words.

Are you trying to connect with moms?

  • Build trust by interacting in a friendly manner, sharing your own experiences and stories.
  • Be open to hearing what they say, and respect their privacy and confidentiality.
  • When writing about teething babies, avoid medical jargon.

Identifying your ideal visitor takes time and research, and it’s worth every minute you invest. It will not only provide your readers with the information they require, it will build your credibility and authority on the topic.

Build Trust and Connection by Being You

Are you stifling your true self? Your friends know you inside-out, but have you revealed your unique personality to your website visitors?

Let loose, just like you would when with your family. Share your vibrant energy and captivate your audience. This is the most natural way to build trust with a personal voice. All you have to do is be yourself!

Be Yourself
Be yourself – let loose!

Unsure if you’ve succeeded? Get your friends’ opinions! Ask if your authentic personality shines through or is mere imitation.

Maybe you’ve shared some qualities but not others. You could be an avid horror movie fan and may have effectively expressed your enthusiasm in writing. But, have you shared your self-deprecating humor that your loved ones so appreciate?

Remember — voice and personality are what bring people back to your site!

Give Your Visitors What They Want To Build Trust

Welcome visitors to your site! Show them that you have the answers they’re looking for, then deliver them with your unique touch. Build trust and a personal connection. Your visitors will come back for more!

Writing content for your site is all about making that connection. Your readers need to feel invested in you and your story; if not, they’ll hit that Back button without a second thought.

With a few simple tweaks, you can make your mark and leave a lasting impression.

Words are powerful, so use them to craft an engaging story that will hook your readers. Learn more in our free eBook Make Your Content PRESell!.


1) Don’t Be Shy

Show visitors your unique take on your niche. Use simple, understandable language to explain complex ideas and develop an engaging, personable tone.

Declare your attitudes and opinions; share captivating anecdotes and personal stories. Take some inspiration from this article about starting a passion-based business!

Being “you” might cost you some casual readers, but it’ll attract far more devoted fans in the long term.

Don’t reveal everything — even our closest loved ones don’t get access to our innermost secrets. Keep that special something tucked away, off the Web — it’s not for public consumption.

2) Don’t Be Dull

Don't be dull like this guy!
Don’t be this guy!

Don’t hide your light under a basket!

Want to unlock the key to connecting on a deeper level? Try balancing out a powerful personality with other traits that challenge visitors’ assumptions. For instance:

  • Reflect your angelic side with a mischievous twist by occasionally unleashing the devil within.
  • Show off your edgy style, but don’t forget to reveal your softer side sometimes to temper people’s opinions of you.
  • If you have a naturally authoritative voice, throw in some humor.

Think about the fiction you’ve read. Heroes with flaws captivate us, while villains without redeeming qualities are dull and uninteresting. Be unpredictable, but be true to yourself.

3) Don’t Be Wordy

Don’t be tempted to ramble on! Keep your content concise and benefit-driven without adding unnecessary fluff to bulk it out.

Over-explaining can confuse your readers and dilute your point. Instead, focus on a single idea and nail it with simplicity.

Your readers want value, not filler. Remember, quality always beats quantity, so forego the fluff and get to the point!

4) Don’t Doubt Yourself

When reaching out, you need to convey belief in yourself. This confidence will help establish your authority in your niche and persuade others to trust your opinion.

If you doubt yourself, people will notice it a mile away — they’ll spot your lack of confidence and be put off. Your personality is your brand, so be who you are to the fullest.

5) Don’t Go Overboard!

Personality is key, but remember, visitors come to your site to learn. Showing “you” is essential to keep them engaged and encourage them to return, but don’t overload the page with “you.”

“They” are just as important!

Action Steps for Giving Your Website an Edge With Your Personal Voice

Action steps for building trust on your website1) Assess your pages from a visitor’s perspective for personal connection and trustworthiness.
Get several brutally honest opinions on your site! Reach out to your network or professionals in your niche for a no-holds-barred assessment. Ask them if your personality comes through and if they would trust you from reading your content.

2) If changes are necessary, understand that transforming your pages will take time — no “quick fix” here! 

Set a manageable schedule (like one page per day) and stick to it.

Begin to build trust by editing your fundamental pages (home and hub pages) and then progress to those that go into more detail.

Ensure that each page is infused with the new friendly, conversational “you.”

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Get Noticed: How to Build Trust With a Personal VoiceGet Noticed: How to Build Trust With a Personal VoiceGet Noticed: How to Build Trust With a Personal Voice
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