How to Grow a Retirement Business Using ChatGPT

When I retired as a civil engineer, I decided to start a website to provide extra retirement income. I love Florida travel by car, especially on the back roads, and I love the history of the state.

I knew the niche of “Florida Travel” was very competitive, but I had signed up with Solo Build It! and was confident they could show me how to build a website that would succeed.

The website I created, Florida Backroads Travel, steadily grew until it was providing an income much larger than I had ever hoped for. The “secret” was publishing content my site visitors wanted, and that meant spending a lot of time at my computer writing about things I knew. That was as much work as it was fun.

I had made limited use of assistants over the years to help with tasks that I didn’t want to spend much time on. Among these tasks were editing my existing work and now and then creating an article. Another task was creating lists of things to do at the hundreds of towns and cities I had written about.

How ChatGPT as a Research Assistant Helps Me Grow My Online Business

In early 2023, I discovered ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by the company OpenAI. It quickly became my AI writing assistant, especially in the area of research.

For example, to create a list of things to do in Lakeland, Florida, I gave ChatGPT the following prompt:

“Make a list of 10 interesting things to do in Lakeland, Florida. Include its name, street address and telephone number and a sentence describing it, all in one paragraph.”

Within less than one minute it provided me with the list. I checked it for grammar and accuracy before adding it to my page.

Part of the list generated with the help of ChatGPT
Part of the “Things to Do in Lakeland, Florida” list generated with the help of ChatGPT.

So far my experience has been that ChatGPT has perfect grammar, and the majority of its information is valid and ready for me to use.

With ChatGPT, I can be confident that I’m providing my readers with the most comprehensive information possible. The only caveat at the moment is that the current ChatGPT (at the time of writing) has been trained on information up to the end of 2021. It doesn’t know newer information. That’s why it’s crucial to do a fact check before publishing the content provided by ChatGPT.

On March 23, 2023, OpenAI released a web-browsing plugin, which allows ChatGPT to draw data from around the web, to a small number of developers and subscribers to its premium ChatGPT Plus plan. They haven’t announced when it will roll out on a larger scale.

Using ChatGPT to Provide Personalized Recommendations

Another way that ChatGPT has helped me to grow my retirement business is by enabling me to provide personalized recommendations to my readers. By using GPT to generate a list of attractions or things to do in a particular location, I can customize the recommendations based on the reader’s interests and preferences.

For example, many of my readers are interested in outdoor activities. I know this by the number of visits I receive on various themed pages. I get many visits to my page of day trips by theme of interest. I can look at a popular theme and create more content or even a new page with the help of ChatGPT.

A recent page I created with the help of ChatGPT is Python Hunting Trips in Florida. ChatGPT gave me a list of tour providers. I edited, added photos, and created a web page that ranked on the first page of Google within days and is already earning me ad revenue through Mediavine.

My new page created with the help of ChatGPT is at the top of Google's search results
My new page, created with the help of ChatGPT, is at the top of Google’s search results.

Future Uses of ChatGPT Once It’s Connected to the Internet

Another thing ChatGPT will help me with in the future is discovering new things happening in Florida and generating brief articles I can use on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. For example, I can make the query “give me a list of 20 bluegrass festivals in Florida for the month of April.”

I can then add the resulting list to my existing page about Florida Bluegrass Festivals. This capability will be added to ChatGPT by integrating it with the internet via a plugin, as mentioned above.

Growing My Retirement Business With the Help of ChatGPT: Conclusion

ChatGPT helps me save time and provide more personalized content to my readers, which in turn increases the amount of passive income I earn from my website.

Overall, I can say with confidence that ChatGPT has been a valuable tool in growing my retirement business. By using it to do the heavy lifting of research and content generation, I can focus my energy on the more important tasks of editing and fact-checking.

This has enabled me to provide more comprehensive and accurate information to my readers, in the most efficient way possible.

Last but not least, ChatGPT helps me to establish myself as a trusted authority in the Florida travel industry by providing personalized recommendations and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

Generative artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT make it easier for me to continue running my online business while enjoying my retirement. And my readers benefit from my expertise without having to spend hours researching the information themselves.

How to Grow a Retirement Business Using ChatGPTHow to Grow a Retirement Business Using ChatGPT
Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Mike Miller is a blogger, writer, and consulting engineer who has lived in Florida since 1960. He is the owner of the popular website and has written and published 25 books on Florida subjects. His website and books focus on road trips in off the beaten path Florida and how to enjoy the state without having to travel on the interstate highways. He also tells his readers about the rich Florida history that informs their road trips. His motto for traveling by car in Florida echoes Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”: he recommends taking the road less traveled, and that will make all the difference. Mike received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and is a registered professional engineer and licensed real estate broker. He has traveled extensively throughout Florida for both business and pleasure.
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