Total beginner or seasoned marketer? It does not matter.

Service-seller, vendor of hard goods, or perhaps you rent out goods or services? It does not matter.

Whatever you do with SBI!, it all starts by building a niche-oriented, high-value, information site. So the affiliate model is an excellent and natural way to add an easy, additional revenue source.

It always make sense to diversify your income sources. So adding an affiliate income stream makes great sense. Why?

  • It's risk-free.
  • The recommendations provide an additional service for your visitors.

Risk-free? Yes. There's no downside, provided you choose solid, non-competing merchants (which you will if you follow the SBI! Action Guide!). And those recommendations, if well-chosen, provide appreciated value to your visitors!

All you have to do is refer your targeted visitors to non-competing, complementary merchants/vendors with generous affiliate compensation programs.

Start from scratch and see success within weeks...

  • any programming or design knowledge/experience
  • needing to have a single product of your own.

How? Through the affiliate programs of other companies, who do the actual selling and shipping of products for you.

Use SBI! to turn your knowledge or hobby into an income-generating, theme-based affiliate site. Here's an example of how you could make this income-building model work.

And now that Google AdSense offers yet another (THE best) way to monetize a theme-based content site, you can afford to pick the few very best programs related to your niche.

(AdSense and SBI! are literally made for each other.)

As a matter of fact, combine AdSense with a few top-notch affiliate programs, perhaps with a finder's relationship or two -- it all adds up to a great way to monetize an infopreneurial site.

Here is a sample article from SBI!'s Tips 'n Techniques HQ about how to add significant affiliate income to your monetization mix, using SBI!.

Looking for an Easy, "Starter" Monetization Model?