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SBI! for WordPress Reviews

We know that any kind of purchase for your business is a big decision, and that it’s often made easier by reading what others think and have experienced.

For that reason, we’d like to share with you a few of the reviews others have offered on SBI! for WP:

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“SBI! for WP is a great business building platform to help you get your organizing business blog going on WordPress. You can use the Brainstorm It tool to research what your potential customers are looking for and make sure that your business and content are a good fit.” - HomeOrganizeIt.com read more

“Even if you already know about building a site with WordPress, Brainstorm It! is the best reason to get it. I've used about a dozen different research tools for finding keywords and doing online market research for websites. Brainstorm It! is, hands down, the best way to research your online market before, during, and after you build your site.” - Think-House-Cleaning.com read more

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Home Organize It Logo

“SBI! for WP is a unique plugin to assist anyone who desires to succeed online. I was excited to see all the written resources, well within my reach. This plugin also includes a local business series, that can help users gain a competitive edge over their competition. SBI! for WP is affordable and is a must have, if you're serious about your online business idea!” - DigitalMarketingConnect.com read more

“The bottom line is, Brainstorm It! and the plugin let you select and use keywords effectively and easily. That leads to more traffic on your site, better targeted traffic, and more business for you.” - WpBuildingBlocks.com read more

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The Social Media Hat

“Really, what it boils down to is this: if you're looking for affordable business training, with tools to help you discover what your audience is really interested in, SBI! for WP is for you.” - TheSocialMediaHat.com read more

“All in all, SBI! for WP is an awesome service/plugin and I’m tremendously proud to be a part of it!” - Usestrict.net read more

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More Money Review

"As you might expect from the well-established (and generally well-regarded) SiteSell organization, it is an extremely professional production, offering both high-quality training and a valuable research tool in the form of BrainstormIt!" - MoreMoneyReview.com read more

“My prayers have been answered. But even better because the other best parts of SBI, the Action Guide and access to the SBI! private forums came with it!” - YourSiteWebHosting.com read more

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Entrepreneur Writer

"If you have any interest at all in learning about WordPress and setting up a WordPress website, in my view SBI! for WP is well worth considering, therefore. Even as a moderately experienced WordPress user, I have picked up a lot of useful tips and information from it." - EntrepreneurWriter.net read more

“So this is exciting. Wordpress users can finally take advantage of this great resource called SBI.” - Blues-and-Jazz-Piano.com read more

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