What Does It Mean To Create Epic Content For Your Blog?

Written By: Mike Allton in CTPM | September 3, 2015

ep·ic: from the Greek epikos, means, “heroic or grand in scale or character.”

con·tent: from the Latin contentum, means, “information made available by a website or other electronic medium.”

Epic Content obviously is more than your typical page or blog post. It’s longer, yes, but there’s more to it than that.

  • It’s well-researched
  • It’s thorough
  • It’s valuable
  • It’s thoughtful
  • It’s unique

I’m going to define Epic Content this way:

Epic Content is a masterpiece of the written word that enthralls your audience and empowers them in a meaningful way.

Certainly, it’s possible for a normal thousand-word blog post to be all of those things. But typically, a normal blog post can’t go into the kind of depth on a topic that would warrant “epic” status.

Which means that there’s an intangible aspect to being Epic. A “wow” factor that goes well beyond word count and bullet points. When someone reads your epic post, they should feel an overwhelming urge to use it and bookmark it and share it and link to it.

Have you ever read an article or blog post that you felt was epic? What was it that made it epic in your mind? Take some time to find a few of those articles and re-read them with this question in mind. And take note of what you come up with.

And that’s one of the primary reasons for writing epic content. If done well, your readers will be so impressed and thankful that they’ll feel compelled to share your epic content with all their friends and connections.

You see, funny memes and videos can easily go viral, but for most of us, such content does little to further our business goals. Imagine, instead, that you’ve written a 4500 word article that shares some incredible information for your industry, and simultaneously positions you and your business as an authority who can be turned to for more information and more help.

So creating content that is exponentially more interesting and helpful and in depth than the typical blog post will make that more likely. Which leads into the second extraordinary benefit: SEO.

If written well, epic content will result in the kind of long- form content that search engines love. It will contain rich information about a particular topic and incredible detail, leading to multiple instances of that article’s targeted keyword phrase.

Imagine, for a moment, that within this article the phrase “epic content” was my targeted keyword. How many times do you think it appears? It’s in the title, and the subtitles, and occurs throughout the content quite naturally. If I wanted to rank well for that phrase, this kind of content is perfectly suited to accomplish just that.

And it’s more than just the amount of text and keyword usage. Remember what I mentioned a moment ago, about your readers loving and sharing and linking to great content? That’s exactly what search engines are looking for. How much time did someone spend reading your article? How many people thought so much of your article that they shared it or linked to it from their website?

In fact, many don’t yet realize this, but this is exactly why Google created Google+. Google is always trying to better understand why readers like certain content more than other pieces of content, and social signals are a powerful indicator. If I liked your article so much I’m willing to share it to my social channels that says something about what you wrote. But the problem Google kept running into was the unavailability or inaccuracy of social signals from the existing social networks, primarily Facebook and Twitter. So to develop a better understanding of what people share and why, Google created their own social layer.

So when you create content that is so interesting it gets shared by lots of people, search engines want to take note.

So by this point I’m sure you agree that the idea of writing epic content is nice. But of course the next question is what, exactly, do you write about? What can you talk about that is so interesting and compelling people will love it — not to mention, coming up with a topic that you actually have that much to say?

To answer that, along with questions like:

  • What’s the Process?
  • How Do I Write Epic Content?
  • How Do I Optimize Epic Content?
  • How Do I Promote Epic Content?

You can download the complete eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content.” It’s a 41-page guide that I’ve written to help you not just understand the concepts of epic content writing, but the mechanics as well.

We’re giving this eBook away because we are all about coming up with ways to improve your writing. In fact, that’s a big part of the plugin we’ve developed that we’d like you to see: SBI! for WP – there’s a 30 day free trial you can take advantage of. And with your new eBook in hand, you’ll be on your way to creating long-lasting, high-converting Epic Content for your own blog and business.

Download “The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content” today.

Mike Allton
Mike is an award-winning blogger, speaker, and author at The Social Media Hat, and Brand Evangelist at Agorapulse where he strengthens relationships with social media educators, influencers and agencies.

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