How the Roads Less Traveled Made All the Difference for This Retired Engineer

I love to write. My online business allows me to write as much as I’d like on any Florida subject I find interesting and get paid for it. Since I am interested in so many things, I never run out of subject material.

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Love Fashion and Shopping? Here’s How to Turn Your Passion Into a Business

A good review is really about answering every single question someone who is about to purchase would have… and doing that honestly so it doesn’t become a fake review.Yuki Evoy from

Here’s a question: how can you turn shopping into an activity that earns you money instead of spending it?… Read more

Writing for the Web, From a Coffee Detective's Perspective

Be prepared to work hard, and to roll with the punches.Nick Usborne from

Way back in 1979 Nick Usborne needed a decent paying job that didn’t require any qualifications (he believed he didn’t have any).

Like most of us, his career evolved – in Nick’s case from being a direct response marketer to working exclusively with online businesses, as an advisor and consultant.… Read more

Vinyl Records Nostalgia Grows Into Fun and Profitable Retirement Business

Make your passion your profession. Find out what you really want to do, figure out the best way to make that profitable, and devise a plan to put things in motion.Danny Sandrik,

Are you pondering a career change? Considering “doing something online” to make some extra income?… Read more

How This Rabbit Breeder Raises Plush Passive Income

The other day I was chilling with extended family. My phone binged – it was a notice from PayPal letting me know that someone had dropped $$ into my account. That’s what I love most about being an online business owner – getting paid while I’m playing.

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