How a Love for Languages Supplements This Retired Teacher's Pension

I enjoy interaction with my site visitors and newsletter readers, and with other site owners. Some comments about how a page has helped a reader have really ‘made my day’!Catherine Simonton from

Catherine Simonton loves studying languages and teaching English.… Read more

Turning Comics Into Cash - Lessons From a Solopreneur Superhero

My project is next to my heart all the time, and deep down inside I’m Batman.
My Batcave is SBI!, and my Batmobile is my laptop. And that’s the way to be successful!Ashley from

Ashley Cotter-Cairns wasn’t always that highly focused.… Read more

Why This Hi-Tech Career Mom Loves Her Side Hustle

In my professional career, I was often involved in designing or contracting out website development. In the early days, we built ‘beautiful’ websites to convey messages about the company and its products, just like an online brochure. It amazes me how many serious companies stop there, even today.

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Video Interview: A Solopreneur Fairy Tale

It’s not work, it’s fun. I mean, it’s just what I love to do. I get to sit around all day and talk and write about my favorite thing (Walt Disney World). The whole thing is just a dream job. It really is.

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How a Fascination with Sleep Helped This Mom Build a Lifestyle Business

What I enjoy most is the freedom to work on my own terms, in my own time and to have full responsibility for the work I put in and the rewards I receive. Every single day I wake up grateful to be able to do this job.

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