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No One Should HAVE to Choose Between Home and Work

Written By: Cath Andrews in How Solopreneurs Build Their Business | December 28, 2017

No One Should HAVE to Choose Between Home and Work

How and where we work changed forever with the introduction of the Internet. What a great time for those seeking more flexibility in their life! And, more importantly, what an incredible time for those who actually need to work from home.

Telecommuting, working remotely, freelancing as a virtual assistant, doing side hustles, or running a totally online business are now widely recognized as legitimate working situations.

Interestingly, the number of people who find themselves in circumstances where working outside the home is not ideal (perhaps even impossible) is growing with each passing year…

  • Parents who have children with special needs and / or disabilities
  • Those who have special needs and / or disabilities themselves
  • Single parents
  • Military spouses
  • Caregivers
  • People suffering from chronic illnesses
  • Extreme introverts
  • Moms during challenging pregnancies
  • People in the sandwich generation
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren
  • Families living in remote areas
  • And many, many other situations you’re sure to think of.

See yourself in any of these scenarios? If not, what would you do if one day you found out that you or a loved one will need full-time care for an undetermined length of time — and — that care will greatly add to your family’s expenses?

What a dilemma!

Perhaps you’ve found yourself suddenly part of the “sandwich generation” — sandwiched between taking care of your children and aging parents who need care. Or, even in a relatively new version of the sandwich generation — those sandwiched between aging parents, young children, adult children and grandchildren.

You may not even think of yourself as a caregiver. You’re just doing what good parents, daughters, sons or grandparents do. But you’re feeling the increasing pressure of doing too much and maybe not doing any of it really well. All this pressure can take its toll… emotionally, financially, physically and relationally.

Working From HomeYou’re asking yourself how, in the midst of scheduling and attending medical appointments along with managing everyone’s daily needs, is working outside the home even realistic anymore? But how can it not be? You need an income!

When something happens or changes, making it difficult to work a “regular” job, what do you do? And more to the point, what do you do about personal expenses that are expected to rise dramatically? All while your availability to work outside the home decreases?

These situations typically start a cycle that quickly spins out of control. Faced with increasingly limited resources and caregiving demands, continuing to be a dependable employee / staff member at a traditional job becomes difficult — which of course results in jeopardizing much needed income.

We hope this is not (or ever will be) your circumstance. But the reality is, situations like these are happening in countless families all over the world.

Thankfully there are viable solutions for most of these overwhelming situations — at least the financial part of them. Yet, most folks who find themselves in circumstances where it’s not ideal (or has become impossible) to work outside the home, often aren’t aware they even have other options. They’re consumed with just trying to manage everything and simply don’t have time to research and discover they have work alternatives.

If you find yourself in such a position, please read on. If you don’t, you probably already recognize how fortunate you are. However, chances are, you know someone who needs to know about alternative options to working a regular job.

Let’s start by meeting four real people who have shared their stories about how they are able to manage working and caregiving — whether self-care during an illness, or caring for another person on an ongoing basis.  

Birgit Bradtke
Birgit Bradtke
Meet Birgit Bradtke

Birgit has been an online business owner since 2005. She’s been a favorite SBI! case study to thousands of folks looking at the possibility of starting an online business. It’s not surprising she’s a favorite either. Her story starts with a personal and heartbreaking setback that, thankfully, turned into a life-changing blessing in disguise.

Periodically through the years, Birgit has updated us where she is at with her online businesses. Her third update is remarkable. It starts with this quote…

Despite not having worked for five years and having incurred many thousands of dollars in medical expenses, I certainly did not need to worry about money… thanks to SBI!.


A disabling and longstanding illness like mine usually spells financial ruin. If I had had a regular job, I would have had to give it up around 2010. There is no way I could have worked, even part time, even from home. During the whole time, almost every day, I thanked my lucky stars for guiding me across SBI! so many years ago. If there was one thing I did not need to worry about, it was my financial situation. My online businesses survived fine without me, money kept coming in.

Imagine not worrying about your financial situation due to what you built up over a period of time with an online business. Read Birgit’s entire case study complete with several updates.

Ann Fisher
Ann Fisher
Next, meet Ann Fisher.

Ann has Multiple Sclerosis. But as you’ll see, she too has turned a setback into helping others by teaching people about words, their meaning and proper spelling. Ann says…

“M.S. comes with a whole family of symptoms, which I’ll spare you from. But suffice it to say that I spend a chunk of time in medical appointments, and I do a lot of exercising and stretching that help to keep me going.This is time I’d much rather spend on my business!

My business income has stabilized our family’s financial situation. It has paid bills when my husband’s job was downsized a few years ago. It buys plane tickets once or twice a year so we can visit our grandchildren.

It buys Christmas presents, and a piece of it ends up every month in my Roth IRA. We’ve remodeled a bathroom and replaced a few windows, too, with my earnings.”

Who would have thought that words, which every one of us uses every single day, could be turned into a profitable business?!

Read the rest of Ann’s amazing story.

Wendy Lau
Wendy Lau
Next, meet Wendy.

Wendy has a life threatening illness called Addison’s Disease. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Wendy has been in the hospital more than half of the past year. Think about that for a moment. 183+ days in the hospital! And yet, Wendy works…

The SBI! Action Guide and website business builder has literally transformed my and my husband’s ability to financially care for ourselves despite my chronic and life-threatening condition: Addison’s Disease or Adrenal Insufficiency.

I have been in hospital for well over 50% of the last year, near death several times. The rest of the time I was mostly bedridden at home, with limited trips out.

As you can imagine, the financial burden is enormous.

My business supports me to sell products and work with local students, remotely. I even provide coaching services remotely using virtual platforms through my phone and computer, all from a bed. Little do they know I am plugged into intravenous drips when I am working with them!

I wanted to share my experience because Solo Build It! has meant so much to my financial well-being. But even more importantly, I want to provide hope for other sufferers of any chronic condition, as well as Addison’s Disease.”

If you’d like to hear more of Wendy’s incredible story, she shares it in video format, recorded from her hospital bed…

Last but not least, meet Mashubi.

Mashubi has been an online business owner since 2005. Over the years, she’s created several successful businesses. But, much like Birgit, Ann and Wendy, she too experienced a serious health-related setback.

Mashubi says…

“Just when my business had grown to the level I’d been working towards, there were two major life events that once again changed everything!

In May of 2013  I was bitten by a deer tick. It was only attached for less than a day, however the next day after I removed it, I felt deathly ill.  

I felt something terribly wrong in my body, and I knew I needed help.  

We were still getting settled in a new home, and unbelievably, my new doctor refused to give me antibiotics. I spent days terrified, feeling as though my body was turning to stone.

Thankfully, I was able to find another doctor in the next state over who was willing to treat me, however I am still, to this day, dealing with the after-effects of this experience.

The amazing thing is that, even though my income dropped, it did not stop! Through that long period of inactivity, I still managed to earn residual income, even without working at all.

After the tick bite experience, several mysterious health situations developed that left me unable to sit at the computer, or talk or think clearly.

My income dropped during this time. However, even at the lowest days of that dark period, I always earned enough to keep the business going.

Fast forwarding to 2017 … it is because of SBI! that I have a business to return to, even after almost 4 years of health challenges.

Although I’m not fully recovered yet, I am on my way and I know one day I will be well.”

Four years of health challenges. Yet, Mashubi’s business kept earning enough to keep the business going.

Read the rest of her sometimes harrowing experiences here…

Wow, four stories that depict personal (and business) resilience from real people with serious health challenges that prevented them from working a traditional job. Because of their online businesses, they continued to receive a steady income in spite of not being able to work for prolonged periods of time.

Whether you, your family, friends or anyone you know is in a situation where working outside the home is not ideal, there is a solution.

Create an online business around something you know and love. Work from home, the doctor’s office waiting room, hospital, home of an aging parent, assisted-living facility, preschool parking lot or wherever you need to be.

Doing side hustles, freelancing, consulting, etc. are options too, but a business you own is the best long term solution for unpredictable life and health situations.

Get started with SBI! today at 33% off during the 2017 Holiday Special.

Cath Andrews

Cath Andrews

Cath Andrews is Solo Build It!'s Content Team Lead. She describes her day job and her online business, Raising Happy Chickens, like this: I spend my time doing what my mother calls “playing on that blasted computer all day” — and I love it. Knowing that other people benefit from my knowledge gives me goose-bumps. And goose-bumps are as important to me as the money my online business makes.

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