The Unfair Advantage of Being an Introverted Entrepreneur

The Unfair Advantage of Being an Introverted Entrepreneur
I may have been an up and coming introverted entrepreneur even as a child. In fifth grade, I quietly crocheted little dog toys and sold them to my friends at school.

But when, as an adult, I first told my parents I was going to start my own business, they laughed at the idea. “It will mean dealing with people, Carol!”

OK, so I avoided parties like the plague, and I’d much rather read a good book than have a conversation. Yet, I knew that somewhere in my DNA still lay the spirit of an entrepreneur!

It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life, although it did take a lot of courage and practice.

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An Introverted Entrepreneur’s Three Main Issues

When it came to being a quiet or shy entrepreneur, I found it wasn’t only me who struggled with the following…

  1. Understanding people’s motivations and needs when working on a project together.
  2. Finding people who share our values and interests, due to a lack of networking skills.
  3. Facing our fears of pitching an idea to a large group of strangers.

It’s difficult to combine being an introvert with being an entrepreneur, but it can be done.

Here are the things I’ve tried that have helped me…


Being aware of my innate tendencies can save a lot of stress and frustration. I can then be more selective about the people I associate with.

Developing Networking Skills

Developing the skills to interact with the people around us in a way that doesn’t exhaust us.

Taking the time (but not too much) to think things through before speaking helps me to verbalize my ideas. This strategy helps me focus on the presentation and not on worrying about how people will react.

Being Comfortable With Failure

It’s common to fear failure, yet it’s essential for an entrepreneur to take chances.

Learning that failure isn't the end of the world was difficult, yet enlightening when I eventually accepted it.Click To Tweet

Can Introverts Be Entrepreneurs?

Absolutely. If I can do it, anyone can!

A 2021 study in the UK revealed that the top character traits among 1,000 real-life small-business owners and entrepreneurs were thoughtfulness (62%), flexibility (61%) and consideration (57%) — qualities typically associated with more introverted personality types.

I work best alone or in small groups of people. Being in a crowd for too long can be overwhelming. I find the conversation too loud, and I can’t think.

Many extroverts need constant stimulation. When they don’t find it, they begin to panic and feel overwhelmed. This can lead to procrastination and a state of mental confusion.

I find silence more relaxing, and I prefer working for focused periods without distractions.

I like to carefully consider the end result, rarely acting on impulse. That’s a useful trait to have when running your own business.

One aspect of being an introverted entrepreneur can definitely take practice! It is, however, an essential one — selling!

Most people don’t like to sell, including me. I must get out of my comfort zone to give my business the push it needs. Fortunately, creating and selling digital products requires very little face-to-face contact!

I found it’s about sharing an idea in a way that resonates with my audience rather than trying to convince them to buy. The only thing that’s absolutely necessary is a sincere desire to create real value for others!

I felt I had the right mindset. I just needed the correct tools to turn my home based business idea into reality. But before I go on…

…Let’s Step Back in Time

Introverted entrepreneur's old Pc computer on desk

We all use PCs or Macs in our day-to-day life, made possible by two introverted entrepreneurs — Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Gates became one of the world’s richest men by creating a great software company that enabled millions of people to use computers at home.

Similarly, Jobs started Apple in his garage and turned it into one of the most successful companies in the world. He would often say, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

These brilliant introverts used their traits to develop the skills required to become world-changing entrepreneurs.

The Unfair Advantage of Being an Introverted Entrepreneur

My Early Days as an Introverted Entrepreneur

When I first started my business venture, my goal was to buy an electric typewriter. Computers were new-fangled devices that scared me.

My husband insisted on getting me a PC running DOS (if you remember that you’re as old as I am). He told me if I really didn’t like it he would trade it in for a typewriter after two weeks.

I taught myself how to use the computer in those 14 days and refused to swap!

This was in the days long before the internet. I learned about Desktop Publishing, created my own products, advertised them in magazines related to my niche, and then took my courage in both hands and booked a stand at a national show!

Can you imagine how terrified I was? Luckily I had an extrovert friend who accompanied me to the big city and wasn’t afraid of raising her voice!

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Finding a Wider Audience As An Introverted Entrepreneur

The years rolled by, everyone went online, and I realized I needed to do so too.

But this was something I couldn’t do alone! I needed advice, the right tools and, believe it or not, a community.

I had the necessary BAM — Brain, Attitude and Motivation but required…

  1. A proven step-by-step process to getting my products and information online.
  2. Help from others when I needed it.
  3. Tools that are intuitive and powerful.

Isn’t that what every entrepreneur needs?

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But Does It Work?

I can answer that one from experience. I first found Solo Build It! back in 2006. I now have four online businesses, all built with their software.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, Solo Build It! helps you overcome the challenge of doing all the groundwork necessary to get a business online!

There’s just no substitute for personal mentoring and guidance, which is all built-in.

The business-building Action Guide holds the keys to my online business. It gave me a starting place, and led me through the steps so I was never left to guess what to do next.

Before I knew it, I suddenly realized that I had become a successful online business owner.

Solo Build It! can do the same for you, even if you’re an introverted entrepreneur-to-be.

The Unfair Advantage of Being an Introverted Entrepreneur
Carol Leather

Carol Leather

Carol Leather is head of content at SiteSell. She started her first successful online business,, with Solo Build It! in 2006 and it's still going strong. She loves photographing and drawing wildlife. She shares her walks in the English countryside on her new site When she is not busy with all the above, she works on her two art sites! All using Solo Build It!, of course.