Part 7: Tai and Generative A.I.
3X Your Productivity

Part 7 - 3x Your Productivity

In part 6 of our generative A.I. article series we’ve already examined how Tai (Solo Build It!’s own A.I. assistant) helps you create outstanding content faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Today I want to show you how Tai takes generative A.I. (GAI) and makes the results reliably better.

It does this by adding its own software so that you can publish at the highest level and save as defaults the style and voice you and StyleBuilder determine.

Productivity X 3

Tai takes GAI and makes the results reliably better. It does this by adding its own software so that you can publish at the highest level and save as defaults the style and voice you and StyleBuilder determine.

Tai comes with two different software modules that use GPT…

  1. Boxchain: this empowers you to interact with GPT-4 to create the very best content possible.
  2. Tai Freestyle: this lets you interact with GPT in a conversational manner identical to ChatGPT. You use this for the countless other ways that you might want to use ChatGPT in the course of a day, related to business or not.

We’ll be adding other GPT technology (e.g., Bard and others) when the need and benefit arise.

All in all, GAI increases your productivity enormously. Tai increases GAI’s productivity even more.

It does this in three ways…

1. No More Writer’s Block

Ever sat down in front of your computer with the intention of writing new content, only to feel paralyzed by the daunting task of putting fingers to keys?

We’ve all had writer’s block. If you’re unsure of where to begin, can’t seem to come up with any content ideas or just lack the motivation to get started, fire up Tai, your Business-Building Assistant. Prompt it for something, anything, to do with your niche.

As an example, let’s use someone who’s just starting out and doesn’t even know what topic to base a site upon. Here’s a simple example of how Tai would help that solopreneur develop some content ideas for the site…

Prompt for a travel website

Pretty good, right?

Even if the specific locales aren’t familiar to the would-be solopreneur, it achieves the main goal. It gets her thinking and brainstorming.

The prospective solopreneur can apply an idea for an area that she doesn’t know to an area she does. For example, “Discovering Secret Beaches” in Barbados instead of the Amalfi coast. Then she pushes the idea further… “so secret they don’t even have names!”

Brilliant idea for a topic, but you can’t get there if you procrastinate the day away.

Or the Yucatán could inspire the would-be business owner to narrow down a travel site concept that might have been too broad to win. In the same way that Mexico is too competitive unless it’s chopped down to size, the would-be solopreneur might decide to cover “the dazzling, dramatic, and dangerous” Darien Peninsula in Panama (instead of the whole country).

Any prompt that comes to mind is good enough to break writer’s block. The goal is to get you started fast.

But once you have a niche, and a list of keywords (topics) to write about, you need to put more effort into well-crafted prompts. That’s how you develop content that beats that of your competitors.

Tai takes you through that step-by-step, too. You’ll use Prompt Build It! to create perfect prompts, every time.

But for now, the key is that Tai will get you going!

And speaking of perfect prompts…

2. Research Redesigned

Another useful productivity boost comes from Tai’s ability to assist you with research and information on your chosen topic. Combined with SBI!’s Brainstorm It! keyword research tool, you have powerful site research and development capabilities at your fingertips.

Caveat: This is going to be so efficient that you’ll be tempted to develop several sites at the same time. I don’t anticipate changing our long-term advice to only create one business at a time.

Notice the italics — you’re building a business, not a hobby site. Making it significantly profitable takes time — there are lots of other activities to master beside building a site. Yes, Tai can help you with many of those, too, but you’re still better off focusing your attention on one business.

Think of it this way…

Let’s say that to grow a seriously successful business, you need to reach a “business success score” of 90 out of 100. You start at 0. It’s easy to reach 30. It takes more work to pass 60, and increasing effort to power through 70 and 80, until you reach 90. After that…

Every single digit increase generates significantly greater income. But that takes more and more work as you compete against higher quality players in your niche.

Now let’s say that you start three sites simultaneously. You feel pretty good as you hit a success score of 30, but that was the easiest part. As time passes, it gets harder.

Finally, no matter how much effort you put in, you just don’t seem able to get past 60. That’s because you’ve underestimated how much work it really takes to build a business that generates more cash than just your salary.

That should not be discouraging, because anyone can, now more than ever thanks to Tai, build a successful online business with the right tools and process.

And yes, there are SBI! members with more than one successful business. But they only started the second one after the first was generating income and they could afford to hire people to help.

OK, moving on…

You’ve just defeated procrastination/writer’s block. As it turns out, our solopreneur has gone to the Amalfi coast on vacation once or twice a year for the past five years.

Now, she doesn’t know all there is to know about it, but she does have a great deal of tourist experience that she can share with those who are considering it for a vacation. Still, she wonders…

“Do I know enough?”

Her limited knowledge and experience on the topic was a problem, pre-Tai. Normally, she would have used Google (and other sources), scouring the web for information to supplement her experience.

That’s no longer necessary!

She decides to test the waters (so to speak) by writing a page targeting “Amalfi Coast beaches,” a topic (keyword) that she knows would be of interest to prospective tourists.

So who’s she gonna call?

Who you gonna call?

Only if your keyboard is haunted, lol!

Just call Tai, your Business-Building Assistant. She does that, and gets everything she needs to know about that topic, without ever leaving SBI!.

Continuing our example that started as a cure for procrastination (perhaps subconsciously anxious that she might not be able to do this), the Amalfi coast sparks her interest. She’s spent quite a bit of “tourist time” on the Amalfi coast.

So she takes article idea #2 from Tai’s suggestions above. Let’s see what it has to say…

Amalfi coast beaches prompt

Pretty good! It listed five different beaches, all good choices, and with accurate information.

Of course, you can customize the desired length of the answer, and ask for more or less detail depending on what you’re looking for. It’s a good start and you’re getting kind of excited!

Do you know the only thing more important than the prompt when it comes to Tai?

I have a follow up question

It’s the follow-up prompt(s). This is where you “separate the adults from the kids.”

The follow-up prompt enables you to customize the desired length of the answer by prompting for more detail, about the topic or some aspect of it, as long as it would be of interest to your visitor.

And it’s not just about detail/length. Our solopreneur might ask for detailed coverage of beach shacks that appear on any of the beaches, for example. Or if one beach is especially known for its surfing, she asks it to expand on that aspect.

Believe me, the follow-up prompt(s) takes the really good content of a first prompt and makes it outstanding.

So she asks Tai to provide more detail about each of the five beaches, one by one, focusing on each beach individually, with an emphasis on water activities and beachfront dining.

Thanks to great prompts, Tai (using GPT-4) is delivering solid gold. Even more important, she remembers some sensational photos that she’s taken of those beaches, and envision the experiences that she can share about each of them.

Heck, she’s also pretty good buddies with the owner of one of the beachfront restaurants — she figures she could pitch him on becoming a sponsor.

“Hmmm 🤔, maybe I can do this!”

Growing even more excited, she doesn’t need to actually write this hypothetical page at this point — she already knows she can do this! What important mental progress!

She clicks to SBI!’s Brainstorm It! keyword research tool. Using its sophisticated brainstorming and filtering tools, she cooks up 143 terrific topics (a.k.a. “keywords”) related to the Amalfi coast, all topics that she could write about, especially with Tai doing the groundwork for her.

More importantly, her keyword research has confirmed that this “Site Concept” is the right blend of supply and demand. The niche is not too broad to win (i.e., too competitive), nor is it so narrow that she can’t generate enough income from it.

This type of research has been a cornerstone of the SBI! process from Year 1 (2002). Back in those days, “Italy” might have been a winnable niche. And there’s no way that there were enough people online to support “Amalfi coast” as a profitable niche.

Times change, with winnable niches changing for those who are just starting out. But whether it’s 2002 or 2023, good keyword supply and demand research early on keeps you on the right track.

Interesting (and boastful) trivia: Do you know who invented this concept of keyword supply (competition) and demand (relative number of keyword searches)? Yup, the same people who developed the concept of “PREselling,” which became the idea of using “content marketing” to build like and trust before monetizing.

Most web hosts that want solopreneurs as customers don’t push you to do this research ahead of time. In fact, most ask you for your domain name as you sign up! This is one of the most frequent reasons that individuals fail, doomed before writing their first word.

Terrific progress!. Our soon-to-be solopreneur has a winning site concept (aka “niche”) and 143 topics that prospective Amalfi coast vacationers would search upon.

How should she organize all those keywords? To get an overall idea of what her site might look like, she prompts Tai for an outline for the “Amalfi Coast” website.

Ten seconds later, she’s got it!

Amalfi coast prompt results

Wow, by now she’s bouncing-off-the-walls excited…

That’s enough to clinch the deal. Together with the data from Brainstorm It!, she knows that she has a winnable niche with enough demand to monetize well.


She now knows that she has enough personal knowledge and experience about the Amalfi coast to add value, color and stories that will entertain and inform her visitors. (If you don’t, find an area you know better.)

The only thing lacking is her personality, voice and style. We’ll show her how to train Tai to write in her style. She’ll enhance that, but Tai has already styled it part way there, which enables her total rewrite to start at a higher level that’s already closer to the way she writes.

She’ll still strive to add that extra flair and sparkle (be it humor, personality, voice, unique positioning) that makes her, her, and that connects. She knows her target audience better than anyone else — ripe to engage and connect.

While doing that, she’ll also blend in her own personal knowledge, critique, experience, and so forth — the secret sauce of the high value, theme-based content website.

You’ll use the exact same process, until you reach this stage…

Just. Do. You! That’s what converts Tai’s valuable “groundwork draft” into your unique and user-valued content.

All of that is what makes your content your content.

Too many services are minimizing, even ignoring, this part of the process. Why? Because it’s work. Why suggest something that’s going to be a barrier to them getting your business? It’s the same reason they encourage you to register your domain name when you sign up with a host or website-building service.

But “JDY” (“Just Do You!”) is what separates your unique, colorful and valuable material from the high-volume, generic GAI content that’s already happening and will be multiplying in volume.

Don’t let it worry you. It’s doomed to rank behind your rare, original, almost artisanal site with the special voice that stands out.

Tai can get you part way there, but only you know the real you when you see it.

To summarize…

  1. Smart prompting generates optimal groundwork. Then…
  2. Just. Do. You!

The combination generates site visitors from the search engines. The content PREsells until those visitors are ready to be monetized (aka the “M” in C T P M ).

3. Productivity Enhancer

We’ve covered procrastination/motivation and content ideas/research.

All of these are individual benefits that cannot be ignored, but the elephant in the room is that Tai helps with something far greater: productivity, when considered as the amount of quality work accomplished per unit time.

Just think of the gains you’ll make in efficiency. In the time it could take you to come up with a content idea, Tai will have already produced the first draft of an entire article.

Once you’ve tweaked your prompting abilities and know how to ask for what you want, it’s done in a matter of seconds.

You can write more content in much less time. And content is what drives the C T P M  machine, accelerating and growing your online business like never before. It really is “SBI! to the Power of 2.”

But, although that has been the main focus of this series…

It goes way, way beyond that.

In short, you’ll use this everywhere, for everything, and all the time. If I used it once to help with this series, I used it 1,000 times!

It didn’t write any of the seven parts of this series, nor any significant passage of any part, but it researched and improved so many of the individual points, it’s crazy to imagine how long this would have taken without it.

It takes a while to learn to think about using it, but one day something seems to click…

“Hey! I can ask Tai about that!”

You’ll never look back. Your default changes to “ask Tai,“ especially for countless questions that you would instinctively know not to ask Google because it would take too many tries.

Wrapping Up: Tai Really Can Do It All

Now, for a final little test, and a bit of fun, let’s see how it performs with haikus. 😀

“With what?”

A haiku.

I asked ChatGPT to write a haiku, a Japanese form of poetry, with a three line, 5–7–5 syllable structure…

Tai haiku about building an online business

It not only got the structure right, it complied with most of the other rules of haikus, including use of a cutting word (“spark”).

Mostly, though, the vibe and thought are perfect!

I then asked Tai (which uses GPT-4) what it thought of a haiku that I wrote…

GPT transforms

Limitless knowledge blooms wild

Infinite minds soar

Tai's opinion about Ken's haiku

I couldn’t agree more.

The key to building a successful online business has always been to create truly exceptional content that stands out by OVERdelivering on its visitors’ search intent.

Tai will be your very own Business-Building Assistant, integrated into SBI! and at your side at all times, so you can go forth and do what you do best — create winning content!

Gone are the days of working alone, solopreneurs!

Good luck on your future online!🍀🙌

To your success,

Ken Evoy

Founder and CEO,

SiteSell Inc.

How Can You Sign Up for Tai?

If you’re already an SBI! member, you have nothing to do. You’ll be alerted when we launch Tai, your Business-Building Assistant.

If you’re not (yet!) an SBIer, sign up to be on the waiting list for Tai’s launch. We’ll let you know when it’s live and ready for you.

There are two ways to get started…

  1. $10 per month will meet the needs of most, if not all, solopreneurs. If you do exceed maximum usage in a given month, you have the option to buy an extra $5 of usage.
  2. Sign up for the free trial. Totally free, we don’t even ask for a credit card.
Tai uses GPT-4 in its unique Boxchain content-building process, and ChatGPT in Tai FreeStyle (which is more conversational in nature). That’s just the start…

We’ll be adding DALL-E next to enable you to create amazing imagery. As GAI evolves, we’ll not only be upgrading GPT-4 as more powerful versions become available, we’ll also be adding Bard, from Google, and other models if we determine that there’s a big gain for you.

The price, though, will remain the same (for as long as humanly possible). And speaking of price…

We’ve priced Tai to enable every solopreneur to benefit from this disruptive technology. GAI is “the great democratizer,” meaning that it enables everyday people to compete on an even footing with large companies. But it’s not a democratizer if it’s priced too high.

Consider this…

Jasper’s “Creator” level costs $49/month for roughly the same output as Tai. That’s about 5x the cost of Tai. A variety of other GAI-powered products charge anywhere from 3-6x as much.

Even OpenAI, whose idealistic founders want their technology to be accessible to all, charges $20 per month for priority access to GPT-4. They also offer a free service, but…

  • it’s often inaccessible due to the intense usage, and
  • it “only” offers ChatGPT, which still uses GPT-3.5

When it comes to creating world-class content, you need the most powerful version possible.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on Tai. Creating it has been, and will continue to be, an invigorating project. We’re back to SBI!’s roots — great savings in time and money for you, with all the information and tools in one place, at unmatched success rates and levels.

Sign up now to be on the waiting list for the launch. We’ll alert you when Tai launches. (No need to do this if you’re an SBIer — we’ve got your back!)

See you soon! 🤙

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Part 7: Tai and Generative A.I.<br>3X Your ProductivityPart 7: Tai and Generative A.I.<br>3X Your ProductivityPart 7: Tai and Generative A.I.<br>3X Your ProductivityPart 7: Tai and Generative A.I.<br>3X Your Productivity
Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell)
Ken Evoy is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of SiteSell Inc. He is the creator of Solo Build It!, SiteSell's comprehensive online business-building system. Ken is also a successful inventor, author, and emergency physician. He feels strongly that solopreneurs can be empowered by leveraging their income-building potential online.