The Everyday Solopreneur


The Everyday Entrepreneur

Were you ever that kid who collected rocks from your driveway, turned them into pretty painted paper weights and sold them to neighbors for a few dollars?

Perhaps you ran a lemonade stand but yours was not just any old lemonade stand. You had “employees” and traveled the neighborhood in a little red wagon caravan selling 6 flavors of lemonade, complete with star shaped ice cubes.

Or maybe you loved to cornrow braid your girlfriend’s hair at summer camp and later set yourself up at the local outdoor market offering your braiding services during warm weather months.

Whatever your “business” was back when you were a kid could be an indicator that there is still a business brewing inside of you now. Interestingly, 90% of people today think of solopreneurship as a mindset. In fact, a large percentage of Millennials in particular, classify themselves as solopreneurs – even those who have not started their own business yet! Is it possible that YOU could be a solopreneur too?

Entrepreneur Mindset

When you Google the keywords “signs of a solopreneur”, a boatload of articles come up in the results each describing common traits solopreneurs tend to have. Some of these traits include…

  • curiosity
  • restlessness
  • adaptability
  • a rebellious streak (seriously!)
  • competitiveness
  • ability to think outside the box
  • creativity

The list goes on and on but the fact is, with the right mindset, just about anyone can be a solopreneur, especially today with the ability to run a business entirely online.

Now don’t go shrinking back in fear thinking you “don’t have what it takes”. It’s too soon for those thoughts! Granted, there are always the stories about ultra successful entreprekids but the reality is, few really young people with any of the above traits, aren’t going to end up being featured on a major news channel to talk about their success.

So first, ask yourself the question “Do I have an idea, a hobby, interest, passion or experience that I could possibly do something with and earn money from it?”

If you’ve taken our Solopreneur course, you already know you have an idea inside of you. If you haven’t taken the course, sign up for free!


Keep in mind that “solopreneur” does not necessarily equate to “billionaire”. In fact, that’s rarely the case. Millions of people today are what we affectionately call “everyday entrepreneurs”. If the idea of creating and working on building your very own business appeals even just a little bit to you, please read on.

Skim through a couple of the solopreneur stories found on our blog, and chances are you’ll notice some similarities to yourself in one (or more) of them. From a single mom who loves all sorts of crafts and sells them through her website to a cake decorator getting leads for her local business to a vegan fanatic earning through affiliate marketing, these “everyday” people each started their journey to solopreneurship by simply having a love of something and turned that something into a profitable business.

It’s important to point out by the way, that the term “profitable” also varies for everyone. While one person may make a few hundred or thousand dollars per month, another may have completely replaced his/her day job income and is now a full time solopreneur.

Every one of these real stories has a simple common underlying theme. They each had an idea and were able to think beyond it. Many folks have an idea, some may even daydream about their idea expanding it a bit in their head, but sadly, stop there. Don’t let that be you!

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