What I enjoy most is the freedom to work on my own terms, in my own time and to have full responsibility for the work I put in and the rewards I receive. - Heidi Holvoet, SBI! member since 2008
How This Rabbit Breeder Raises Plush Passive Income
How This Rabbit Breeder Raises Plush Passive Income
Karen Patry has accumulated over 30 years of rabbit-raising savvy learned 'on-the-job.' Armed with that knowledge and Solo Build It!, she created the most comprehensive raising rabbits resource on the web, became a published author, and generates significant passive income.
How Her Passion for Knitting Helped End a Lifetime of Abuse
Vickie Danielsen's story is the stuff that movies are made of. She was isolated from the world, with no friends, in an abusive relationship. How her love for knitting (and Solo Build It!) enabled her to escape this nightmare and build a happy future for herself… that's what you'll hear in our interview.

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