Don't Let Fake Solo Build It! Reviews
Hurt You

A Word of Caution About the "Solo Build It! Scam" Reviews Out There...

Some "reviews" trash SBI!. Others pretend to be objective (even kind!).

It doesn't matter what they write, though...

Because it's not about us — it's about you! They know you searched for reviews about Solo Build It!.

Their SBI! reviews are lures. What's the real goal?

Earn a commission by tricking you into buying Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Here's how WA's affiliates work and how this hurts your future...

  1. Hundreds pretend to write "honest reviews" about SBI!.
  2. A few rank highly for your "Solo Built It! review" search.
  3. You click on a search result and believe it's a real review...
  4. It's not. You have, instead, entered a WA sales funnel.
  5. You believe their "#1 Recommendation" and buy WA.
  1. That's when your chances of high-traffic success drop by 97%.
  2. The affiliate earns huge commissions.
  3. You work hard, but spin your wheels (reason below).
  4. You give up in despair, bitter that "the Net is a scam."
  5. Rinse and repeat. WA affiliates keep sucking others in.

It's more than dirty tricks. It is misleading advertising. It is illegal. You may be wondering, though...

"Is Wealthy Affiliate Better Than Solo Build It!"?

No one has ever claimed to be better than SBI! at enabling solopreneur success. We have always presented mountains of verifiable proof of success. "Trickery" is impossible with this many different types of proof...

  • Volume (500 sites in Top 1M of all active sites — 170M!).
  • Longevity (case studies about real people who build real businesses for 10+ years, adding updates as they grow profits AND equity).
  • New stories from our blog, with a focus on the human aspect of the SBI! experience.

No one else proves it like this. They would if they could.

Now, though, WA affiliates are writing tons of reviews about SBI!. And curiously...

  • They all recommend WA over SBI!, and...
  • They all offer zero proof of success?

This smelled like a scam to us, but "what if?" Could it be true?...

Is Solo Build It! Better Than Wealthy Affiliate?

The answer is easy to test. We constructed a simple, objective head-to-head study to find out.

  • Take every active SBI! and WA site.
  • Measure the traffic of all sites using 3 different traffic tools.
  • Tabulate and show the results...

Solo Build It! Is 33X Better!

The results from all 3 traffic tools were unanimous...

SBI! is 33X more likely to help you build a high-traffic site.

Yes, you read that correctly. Here's the raw data...

Out of 16,814 WA sites, only 38 sites were high-traffic!

And even worse, 87% of WA sites were "Invisible" (i.e., undetectable by the traffic-measuring tools).

Those recommendations by WA affiliates do you no favors.

The Dark Side of Affiliate Marketing

You now know SBI! is not just better than WA, it's the best. No one provides proof of that like we do (see above).

They would if they could — it's what marketers do, after all.

However, there's something deeper going on...

We have alerted all WA affiliates (with high search rankings) about The Study's results — twice. Sadly, most leave their "reviews" and recommendations up.

They knowingly hurt your goals and dreams — for a commission. That will sound brutally unbelievable to any honest person, but consider typical responses to our alerts...

  • "Why are you attacking us?"
  • "Your study is bad."
  • "I don't believe it."
  • "I have a right to give my opinion."

The Study is as simple and as solid as a rock. Just measure the traffic to all sites and compare the results.

Those affiliates now know how much their recommendations hurt your chances of success. They can do the study themselves if they don't believe it. Here's what we believe...

  • Ignorance of illegality is not an excuse.
  • Ignoring immorality is inexcusable.

No one has a constitutional right to fake a review in order to sell a competing product. The fact that they knowingly recommend a product that has 3% of the high-traffic effectiveness of SBI! only makes it worse.

More About The Study

The difference between SBI! and WA did not surprise us. The size of the difference did. So we repeated it, a full month later — same results.

It's easy to perform this study. But we have not seen WA or WA affiliates publish their tests.

You can do it yourself, too. Or, to see the full process and results, please read the full study here.

Solo Build It! Reviews
From Real Solopreneurs

Solo Build It! Review Mike Miller -

Solo Build It! Review Mike Miller

"My professional career and financial situation were in turmoil after the collapse of the real estate market in 2008. As a civil engineer, real estate broker, and developer there was not much opportunity to find a way to make a living in those dark days.

Solo Build It! came to my rescue.

My career in engineering and real estate took me all over Florida and I developed a love for Florida history and travel on the back roads. I wondered if there were a way to make an online business work by sharing my knowledge and interest in those subjects.

I built this successful website into a profitable business using the tools provided by Solo Build It! I shudder to think where my business would be if I had gone with the phony competitor."

Read Mike's full Solo Build It! review on his site.

Solo Build It! Review Lisa McGrimmon -

"It's hard to believe I started this site way back in 2006. There has been a lot of work, and a lot of learning - All totally worthwhile because I have the best readers on the internet, and a pretty great life.

This site allows me to work in a way that is fully in line with my own values.

My results were there from the start. As long as I worked on my site, I could see traffic growing, and then income started growing. It took time. Anyone who is being honest with you will tell you there is no overnight success. But as long as I kept working, I saw progress.

The three things that have kept me a Solo Build It! customer for 10+ years are results, support, and integrity."

Read Lisa's full Solo Build It! review on her site.

Solo Build It! Review Lisa McGrimmon
Solo Build It! Review Anton Hout -
Solo Build It! Review Anton Hout -

"I started this website as a labor of love hoping (and not really believing) that it could someday help me escape the full-time job-from-hell that I was trapped in.

It was hard work, but I was motivated and I kept at it. began to take shape. I kept writing more content, added a forum, started a newsletter, created a directory for breeders, wrote an ebook, and created one of the best sites on the web for Australian Shepherd fans from around the world.

I can now be proud of what I've accomplished with I get to spend my day building our community and serving my site's visitors—fellow lovers of the incredible Australian Shepherd breed!

It has taken a lot of hard work. This is where those who want easy money on the internet get separated from the solo entrepreneurs who want to create an online business that provides real value to its visitors.

With all the guidance, support, and tools provided by Solo Build It! the path to success is simplified—but it still takes work. It helps you get a clear picture of the steps you need to take in order to move your dream forward. It keeps you on track and and provides you with the tools you need."

Read Anton's full Solo Build It! review on his site.

Solo Build It! Review Marylyn Broomhall -

"I've always loved travelling around the Victorian countryside. Loved taking the kids into the city — Melbourne that is. It's always fascinated me, just how much there was to do and see and so many hidden places and missed opportunities that I came across back then.

Family Getaways Melbourne was born in the year of 2008. A funny little website with a huge heart at its core.

Did I know what I was doing? Nope!

Did I know what I had to do? Yep! Thanks to SBI and the Action Guide for one and the amazing Solo Build It! Forum Community for another.

Did I know where to begin? Yep! Just follow the Action Guide.

Did I drown? Nope!

My online business traffic is increasing as are my financial earnings from both Google Adsense and the few Travel Affiliates that I use within the site."

Read Marylyn's full Solo Build It! review on her site.

Solo Build It! Review Marylyn Broomhall
Solo Build It! Review Rita Nygaard -

Solo Build It! Review Rita Nygaard

"Recently I became aware that my site was in the top 1% of all active websites in the world – and I can tell you that it came as a shock. A very positive shock of course, but it certainly made me pause and think.

A year after I had put my website online I checked it in, and my site was way down the list, not even in the top 90%. Since then I have just followed everything that Solo Build It! has advised me to do, trusting that SBI! did their part of the work.

That meant I had all the time I wanted to concentrate on doing what I liked most: making clip art, drawings and lately my children's books. And to my big surprise - it seems that was all that was needed :-)

Actually my website is among the Top 0,5% now, hurray!!"

Read Rita's full Solo Build It! review on her site.

Solo Build It! Review Ellen Davis -

"In 2008, I took the plunge and bought my first SBI! subscription. I kept at it, and my perseverance and efforts paid off. I built a 150 page website over the next two years, and I now have a business that matters to me, and is of great value to my readers. I’m passionate about the subject of my website and I love getting emails from my readers that tell me how much they value and enjoy what I write and share. It makes me so happy to know that I’ve helped people in some way.

What I find most astonishing is that I’ve also managed to build a business that allows me to make *three times* what I was making every month as an IT manager. And best of all, I get up every morning and decide how I would like to spend my day; no deadlines, no bosses, no workplace politics. Just me and my ideas.

My wildly successful site has now been up for almost five years, and each year, I make more contacts with the top experts in my field, and my business gets bigger and better connected. I now have multiple streams of income, and I learned how to set it all up through the easy-to-use and ever expanding base of tools and methods that SBI! provides.

My books have sold in over 80 countries, and I’m currently considering a publisher’s request for the German translation rights to my Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet book. None of that would have been possible if I hadn’t built my business with SBI!"

Read Ellen's full Solo Build It! review on her site.

Solo Build It! Review Ellen Davis
Solo Build It! Review Karen Nelson -
Solo Build It! Review Karen Nelson -

"In this time of downsizing, layoffs, and uncertain job security, a lot of people are looking for a way to earn money by creating their own businesses, especially one that doesn't need a major capital investment. And many would like to supplement their retirement income to be able to enjoy those years more.

If you've done any searching for ways to "work from home" or "make money online", you've probably seen lots of people claiming to have the answer. And sorry to say, lots of those are bogus, mainly a way of transferring their customer's resources into their own pockets!

Fortunately, there still are some decent companies out there, and Solo Build It is one of the best, in my opinion. Using their system, I've created a business that provides a nice retirement income for me. And OK, I have done some of the work in my pajamas.

Creating a website about San Francisco has been great adventure! I get to explore my own city and do all the fun things that I write about, and earn money doing it, and hopefully provide lots of helpful information for our visitors. And there is no way I would have been able to do this without Solo Build It."

Read Karen's full Solo Build It! review on her site.

Solo Build It! Review Janice Jones -

Solo Build It! Review Janice Jones

"When I first decided to launch an online business all about dogs, the first thing I needed was a website. After days of searching, I stumbled upon Solo Build it or SBI, and that was back in 2013.

I was new in town after a cross country move, without a job, and yet still tied to my old position, making it difficult to get a job, even if I had wanted one.

My passion has always been dogs and throughout the years, I've amassed quite a body of knowledge that I was anxious to share.

I knew dogs, but what I didn't know was how to run an online business, let alone how to build a website.

What bothered me most at the time was how so many website providers were either trying to make you believe that merely owning a site would make you rich, or they assumed you had a masters' degree in website design and coding.

I needed a company that would hold my hand, figurative speaking, and teach me all the skills I needed to survive.

At first I was overwhelmed at first by all the information. As my brain was trying to grapple with what was written, I began to think that this might be just the perfect solution for me.

You can't describe SBI as a website builder, although that is part of what you get. It is actually a business builder, rather like a MBA for solopreneurs, like myself. When I say that you get everything you need to get started, build, grow and succeed in business, I'm not kidding."

Read Janice's full Solo Build It! review on her site.

Solo Build It! Review Paul Southren -

"One of the keys to success of Solo Build It websites is that they encourage you to create a website on a subject you are truly PASSIONATE about. For me, it was swords. More specifically, REAL swords.

I can actually remember the first time I became fascinated by swords. It was at about the age of 5.

When it came time to choose something that I really cared about, and would enjoy exploring, researching and writing about, swords were the perfect fit.

Not only was it a high demand, low supply topic at the time - it was something I loved - and this passion was something that could keep it going through the hard times.

By early 2007 I was making more money from my site doing what I loved in my spare time than I did working 40+ hours a week in my job - and made the jump from corporate employee to full time content creator and business owner.

What allowed my business to survive during the economic downturn was a solid foundation - Solo Build It encourages you to focus on the basics - solid content with a focus on providing real value to site visitors.

By a combination of old fashioned hard work, persistence, my love for this site and the community it has developed over the years and the solid foundation it rests upon."

Read Paul's full Solo Build It! review on his site.

Solo Build It! Review Paul Southren
Solo Build It! Review John Main -

Solo Build It! Review John Main

"Using SBI, I work on stuff I love doing, so one day I might be playing around with a "pulse rate sensor" design or creating an "ultrasonic range" finder and then putting this information on the site. Then again I might me working on an information product to sell. Because I chose something I love doing - I'll just keep doing it and as electronics evolves there are constantly new and interesting things to write about.

Because of SBI, I easily moved back to my home town so and the key question was not who will employ me but where is the best school for my children! So instead of an hour and half drive from London where I worked to visit relatives, it is now 15 minutes to Grandma and Grandad's!"

Read John's full Solo Build It! review on his site.

Where to From Here?

If you have the courage to commit, we believe you deserve full access to all of SBI! AND a refund if you and SBI! aren't a "fit." (WA offers NO refund, just a time-wasting "freemium," a standard sales-getting game. We don't play games.)

Get started with SBI! today. You may find that SBI! is not right for you. That's fine - we'll refund you in full during the first 90 days (monthly subscriptions, too), pro-rata after that.

There is no such thing as "Get Rich Quick." (If there was, who would sell it?) If you have BAM, though, nothing is more do-able and more likely than SBI! to enable you to succeed....

Use The 90 Day Guarantee as your risk-free trial.