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The One Must-Do When You Pick a Domain Name

It used to be that a great domain name was all you needed. Today your brand needs to make it on social media, too.

Everyone knows the importance of grabbing a short, memorable, brandable domain name. Most don’t also check to see if it’s available as a username at all major social sites.… Read more

You may not think of yourself as an artist. But just like an artist exhibiting paintings in a gallery, you probably take pride in your collective body of work.

Body Of Work

Take your website or blog…

You’d never spoil it with a sub-standard article or a fuzzy photo. … Read more

It’s Our 20th Birthday! Solo Build It!, The Solopreneur Incubator, Has Its Own Social Home @SoloBuildIt

It’s Our 20th Birthday!🎉
Solo Build It!, “The Solopreneur Incubator,”
Now Has Its Own Social Home 👉@SoloBuildIt


It all started with a single book. Make Your Site Sell! (“MYSS!”) became “The Bible of Internet Marketing” from the late 90s to 2002 (150,000 copies sold).… Read more

Written By: Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell) in Strategies for Business Growth | February 20, 2017

Parlez-Vous Emoji?

You don’t? Time to learn. Studies show that smart use of emojis increases both social media engagement and a sense of personal connection/trust.

Warning: There’s quite a bit of “never use emojis” advice in the blogosphere. Unless you’re writing an academic paper for PhD’s, it’s just personal bias.Read more

Written By: Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell) in Strategies for Business Growth | February 13, 2017

Online advertising is not the highest ROI form of marketing, but it’s certainly the most ubiquitous. Google AdSense is almost a default option for solopreneurs, especially those with lower amounts of traffic. However, it’s possible to secure your own, higher-paying/higher-ROI WIN-WIN deals.Read more

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