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Real-Time Web and the Kaleidoscope of Search
Ken’s Blog

Google has been on record for quite a while now (no doubt prompted by Twitter) about the “real-time web.”

Like I said years ago about Google, they won’t get Image Search and Video Search and News search and Blog search working until they can figure out how to pull it all together and figure out which type of results any particular search (and search history patterns) is likely to want. … Read more

What Is the Real and Noble Purpose of Business?
Ken’s Blog

There are two types of business models…

#1) Those who want to profit off of you by offering you a product that is worth less than the dollars you parted with in order to purchase it.

#2) Those who want YOU to profit off of them by offering you a product that YOU believe is worth more than the dollars you parted with in order to purchase it. … Read more

Top 10 Requirements To Succeed in School

Ken’s Blog

My wife and I are off-Anguilla, helping our two daughters get ready for university. Of course, “getting them ready” goes beyond furnishing the apartment, immigration, phones/Internet, registration, safety, etc. It includes getting them ready for success.

This is the first great turning point opportunity in an adult’s life.… Read more

What Do You Do With the Twitterers Who You Find?

Ken’s Blog

There are two good Twitter tools to find people related to your niche… and These tools search for your keyword within the username and bio, so they tend to bring back relevant Twitterers.

And then what? Here’s how to “process your finds”…

Step 1) Do you recognize the Twitterers that you find?… Read more

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