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The Art of Feedback

Ken’s Blog

Never hesitate to ask for feedback. You only have two eyes and you live inside your own skin.  So the opinion of others is invaluable.

The art of receiving feedback is based on two principles. Well, there are many more, but two occur to me now…

1) Never be offended by tactless feedback.Read more

Paper Is Dying Not Books

Ken’s Blog

To continue the conversation started in my previous post, What’s The Message?

I’m not saying that books would disappear. Books are staying. Paper will disappear.

Paper is just the vehicle that delivers the ideas, the stories that are contained in “books.”

Think about paper newspapers… real news that professional journalists deliver and that we need so badly, is not dead.… Read more

Listening vs. Obeying

Ken’s Blog

Whenever you make changes to your Web site, or product, or service, or business in general, you are guaranteed to receive feedback that ranges from “I love it” to “I don’t like this particular feature” (opinion) to “This feature is broken” (fact) to “This feature makes it harder to _____ (fill in the blank)” (fact).… Read more

Your Site’s Voice

Ken’s Blog

“Should I use “you” or “we” when I am writing?”

This question pops up in the SBI! forums every so often. For many sites, it’s not an issue. For example, in a travel site, you talk about your travels (so you use largely “I” and “we”).… Read more

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