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Website Blueprint – Become the Architect for Your Site’s Success

Written By: SiteSell in Keyword Research | August 23, 2010

Keyword Research

A website blueprint is like the blueprint for your house. It has to be complete before you lay the first brick or write your first page.

In the previous article, we discussed keyword research for your site concept. The next step is to look at the keyword research for your site’s content pages… the keywords that will form your website blueprint.

The decisions you make now determine the size of the success of all your efforts over the next 12 months, and beyond. So…

Time spent now is time well invested. The most common reason for failure in the online business world is failing to spend the necessary time here to make the right niche decision. It is not hard, but it does require patience and thought. It might even mean modifying your current site concept keyword, or choosing a different one. In other words…

Take your time and get this right. You will be well on your way to a profitable e-business.

When doing your keyword research, you have three goals in mind:

  • To build a superb list of quality keywords related to your site concept (i.e., topics related to your niche). We call them Specific Keywords because each one will become the topic of a Keyword-Focused Content Page (KFCP). Your list will also include General Keywords (ones with a general focus, but that are related to your site’s niche).
  • To know how much demand exists for each of those keywords, and how much real competition you face for each one.
  • To organize it all into a website blueprint (“Site Content Blueprint”).

Wondering What a “Site Content Blueprint” Is?

An architect creates a blueprint for the design of a building. The contractor does not start construction of the building when the architect has the plans only half done. He waits for the entire set of plans so that he has an idea of what needs to go here, what there, when he needs concrete, etc.

In the same way, you will have the website blueprint you need to begin building your site. You will be planning out which keywords will go where (TIER 2 or TIER 3), and how much you will be writing about each topic (how many TIER 3s for each TIER 2).


Just as a contractor follows the architect’s blueprint, analyzing your keywords and creating a complete website blueprint, will pay dividends for you when building your site.

Wondering how to put this in action?

Watch the short video to the left, which is part three of a “13 Steps to Building a Successful E-Business” series at SiteSell’s YouTube Channel or learn more about the
keyword research tools included in SBI!.

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