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Crafting Magical Headlines To Woo Your Readers


“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.” – David Ogilvy

One might spin that positively and note that there are many more people who are at least seeing your article title and perhaps brand name.… Read more

How to say Thank You


It seems fitting that we should take a moment now to consider what it means to be thankful to someone, and similarly, how to deliver that thanks.

“Thank you” as a phrase is something we’re taught by our parents quite early on, isn’t it?… Read more

This Year, Really Thank Your Family

In the United States, this time of year is always associated with the Thanksgiving holiday, and the sentiments of being thankful to those around you for all of your blessings. Your health. Your family. Your position.

Though we’re all faced with challenges and hurdles, I think you’ll agree when I say that we all have something to be thankful for.… Read more

How to Strike Out the Competition!


Batter Up!

Have you ever thought about how much time a pitcher spends preparing for a game?

He doesn’t just work on improving his arm, he spends a lot of mental time and energy, too. He studies the batters he’ll be up against.… Read more

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