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Written By: Amy Biddle in Content & Article Writing, CTPM | May 29, 2015

Smart Writing: The Numbers-Value-Numbers Secret Formula

Bloggers are writers. You write. You expect people to come to your site and read. You want people to take action on your words.

But what goes on each page? How can you know with a high degree of certainty that what you write about will grab your audience?… Read more

Written By: Amy Biddle in How Solopreneurs Build Their Business | April 29, 2015

How Safe And Secure Is Your Website Hosting?

What would you do if your host disappeared?

Poof!I’m not talking about your site temporarily going down. It’s likely that you have backup files for your content and images. It’s even possible that you have manually backed-up your theme or template and CSS  as well.… Read more

Written By: Amy Biddle in Sales | April 1, 2015

Three Great Sales Tips from Top Sellers

Have you hit a stuck place growing your online business?

Let’s talk about some top tips to make more sales from your website. I’ll use real-life examples (anonymized) to show you how to identify and fix (or improve) some possible issues.… Read more

Written By: Amy Biddle in CTPM | March 18, 2015

Using Images and Videos on Your Website and in Your Social Media Campaigns

It’s no secret that using a picture is more effective than not using a picture in the content you publish online. You can easily test this statement yourself. Scroll down your Facebook timeline. What stops you as you read down the page?… Read more

Written By: Amy Biddle in Motivation | February 25, 2015

Your Virtual Work Plan (Are You Ready to Start?): Virtual Work from the Road (3 of 3)

Whew! Today is the last day of my cell phone plan, so I’m working from a cafe with free WiFi. I only have a few MB left on my internet data plan. The last few hours of my work day have to be on someone else’s WiFi this month.… Read more

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