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Written By: Amy Biddle in CTPM | November 5, 2014

Using Google Trends: How to drill down and branch out your website

Google has a great tool, called Google Trends. It’s pretty nifty, and you can check it out here…

While you definitely don’t want to choose your entire site topic/niche using Google Trends, it’s handy for some quick ideas for blog posts, or ideas for branching off your main niche idea.Read more

Written By: Amy Biddle in E-Business Tips | October 15, 2014

Three Different Approaches to Sales

As you plan your online business, at some point you’ll need to think about how you’re going to develop a relationship with your site visitors.

Once you’ve established that relationship and are ready to sell, aim to break down the concept of selling into three general types…

Let’s break down the concept of selling into three general types…

  1. catalog style selling
  2. consultative selling
  3. relationship selling

The good news is that all three selling styles work for most businesses.Read more

Entrepreneur Types
What if you knew you’d be successful, right from the start? If you knew that you took the right actions in the right order, you’d win at the game of business? How great would your life be?
 What if your success was supported by your personality and interests?Read more

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