Eliminate Emoji Frustration!

We touched on how to “parler emoji” earlier. If you’re using emojis in your tweets, you may have discovered that they connect with most humans. Heck, even astrophysicists may enjoy the occasional well-placed ✨ or !

Seriously, if you’ve been sneering at those who used emoticons for the past 20 years, you may want to reconsider that stance for the next 20.… Read more

You’ve published a Kindle book and it’s time to promote it to your audience. Only there’s a problem…

Your visitors come from all corners of the globe!

How do you send a Canadian buyer to Amazon.ca or a British buyer to Amazon.co.uk without cluttering things up with links for each country?… Read more

Use This Simple Habit Change To Supercharge Your Social Media

Are you a creature of habit? Most of us are! Good or bad, ruts are comfortable and low-effort – so easy to do so much, no thought necessary.

Sometimes, though, the small effort it takes to do something different is far outweighed by the big benefit that a fresh approach brings.… Read more

SBI! vs. Wealthy Affiliate Review: WA Proof of Success… or Failure? Part 3

Summary & Results

Not everyone has the time to read all 24,000 words that make up this meticulous study’s introduction, methodology, and results. If you are willing to accept the conclusions at face-value, here they are:

Wealthy Affiliate surrogates create fake reviews of Solo Build It!

Read more

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