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Monetize More Aggressively on Social Media With

Most folks are exposed to your social media content through their news feeds, notifications, etc. They do not visit your actual account.

That’s OK, but it’s pretty “catch as catch can.” What you really want are direct visits to your account.… Read more

The One Must-Do When You Pick a Domain Name

It used to be that a great domain name was all you needed. Today your brand needs to make it on social media, too.

Everyone knows the importance of grabbing a short, memorable, brandable domain name. Most don’t also check to see if it’s available as a username at all major social sites.… Read more

You may not think of yourself as an artist. But just like an artist exhibiting paintings in a gallery, you probably take pride in your collective body of work.

Body Of Work

Take your website or blog…

You’d never spoil it with a sub-standard article or a fuzzy photo. … Read more

It’s Our 20th Birthday! Solo Build It!, The Solopreneur Incubator, Has Its Own Social Home @SoloBuildIt

It’s Our 20th Birthday!🎉
Solo Build It!, “The Solopreneur Incubator,”
Now Has Its Own Social Home 👉@SoloBuildIt


It all started with a single book. Make Your Site Sell! (“MYSS!”) became “The Bible of Internet Marketing” from the late 90s to 2002 (150,000 copies sold).… Read more

Written By: Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell) in Strategies for Business Growth | February 20, 2017

Parlez-Vous Emoji?

You don’t? Time to learn. Studies show that smart use of emojis increases both social media engagement and a sense of personal connection/trust.

Warning: There’s quite a bit of “never use emojis” advice in the blogosphere. Unless you’re writing an academic paper for PhD’s, it’s just personal bias.Read more

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