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Written By: Susan Gast in CTPM | October 15, 2015


by Susan Gast,

It’s the old “putting all your eggs in one basket” syndrome. My gosh, my egg was getting stale – or worse – the chickens had already hatched and flown off.

I figured it was time to put my Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage eBook on other platforms, other than just the (Amazon) Kindle.… Read more

Written By: Susan Gast in Motivation | October 7, 2015


by Susan Gast,

Are you coasting? You know, just sitting there waiting for your website’s Alexa rankings to soar (See our Definitive Guide to Alexa)? How about hoping for more social interaction? Or wondering why your AdSense tanked and why your site isn’t growing as much as you expected?… Read more

Written By: Susan Gast in CTPM | August 10, 2015


by Susan Gast,

Thoughts are turning into words and words into pages – your site is rapidly gaining traffic momentum via the search engines. Now what do you do? It’s time to monetize your most-visited pages in a way that won’t offend folk!… Read more

Written By: Susan Gast in Real-Life Success Lessons!, Success Stories | August 2, 2015


By Susan Gast,

Tell us about your website, When and why did you start your site?

The housing bubble had burst and people were getting laid off from their jobs.  To be honest, that didn’t really affect me because I’ve always had that entrepreneurial streak … since the young age of 15 when I worked on dad’s farms for pocket money and learned that hard work pays off.… Read more

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