5 Ways To Boost Your Online Authority

5 Ways To Boost Your Online Authority

“Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.” – Plato

Over thousands of years, Plato’s words remain influential. Even today, people use the great Greek philosopher’s writings as a basis for developing and supporting their own thoughts and ideas.

But consider that the quote used above is just an opinion.… Read more

Ouch! Page Dropped By Google!

Traffic Generation

There are many reasons why a page could be dropped from Google. The key for you is to figure out why and whether you should do anything about it. Let's start with these general possibilities…

  • Pages have duplicate content.

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Beware of Article Spinning: Why Put Your Business At Risk?

Traffic Generation

Article spinning is an artificial way to obtain additional inbound links to your site. It does not reflect a "keep it real and add value" philosophy.

What Is Article Spinning?

Article spinning is basically creating several to dozens (some people create hundreds) of slightly different versions of one article.… Read more

Trick or Treat?

Traffic Generation

Many Webmasters, experienced and otherwise, fall into the trap of excessively adjusting or tweaking their Web pages in order to improve search engine (SE) rankings.

The term "Search Engine Optimization" ("SEO") includes both keyword tweaking on a Web page ("on-page criteria") and orchestrating certain off-page criteria, such as inbound links to a website, all with the goal of manipulating search engine rankings.… Read more

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