Could You Create Your Own E-Book? Why Not?

Digital & Hard Goods

Creating your own infoproduct or e-book to sell on the Net is do-able once you get past this simple 5-word question… “What do I write about?”

Some brainstorming sessions will help you find the best answer to that question.… Read more

Why Are Testimonials Like Potato Chips?

Digital & Hard Goods

What’s the biggest single factor your visitor will look for if she decides your product is just what she wants?

Your credibility.

Overcome any fears and doubts convincingly by telling her what your present customers have experienced.… Read more

A 16-Point Checklist for Product Development

Digital & Hard Goods

Part 1 – Checklist Points #1-8

When considering a product (digital or hard goods) for Web sales, weigh these 16 factors, listed in approximate order of importance…

1) Product Quality

Does your product solve someone’s problem, or deliver a benefit, in a high-quality way?… Read more

The Cornerstone of an Online Store

Digital and Hard Goods

Online stores have a unique position. Just like in a real world store, people come in to look around and maybe buy something. However, unlike a bricks-and-mortar store, there’s no physical contact. No one can squeeze the bread, smell the leather, or drive the car.… Read more

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