How Much Money Is “Old-School” MLM Costing You?

Network Marketing

There seems to be many hidden costs when you do MLM the old-school way. From start-up inventory fees to the associated costs of motivation seminars, expenses seem to really add up. In some cases/companies, YOU seem to be their real business, not the selling of actual goods to real customers.… Read more

Network Marketing – The Secret To Success

Network Marketing

The first article in our Network Marketing series discussed why so many network marketers struggle online… because they don't have the right tools and strategies to win new leads and sales.

What Is the Right Way to Success?

Let's talk about who succeeds in Network Marketing offline and then move to a discussion about online success…

Successful offline marketers are extroverted, ebullient people who can approach others easily and naturally introduce them to the opportunities offered by their respective businesses.… Read more

Network Marketing – Why So Many Fail

Network Marketing

It’s been interesting watching the Network Marketing industry try to figure out the Net. You’d think that if any industry could figure out the networking power of the Net fast, it would be this one.

Yes, most Network Marketing companies and their associates do recognize the potential offered by the Net (initially, many predicted it would serve as the ultimate recruitment tool).… Read more

Network Marketing on the Net…
Factors That Affect Your Conversion Rate

Network Marketing

There are 5 major factors that affect how well you convert online visitors/leads to potential customers and downline members. Let’s examine each one…

Factor #1 — Network Marketing Has a Stigma

If you have a website about telecommunications, for example, and try to “pitch” your ACN Network Marketing opportunity too soon (i.e., right on your site), the odds are you are…

  • not going to convert that person, and/or…
  • going to alienate visitors to your site who might otherwise have been interested in some of your other income-producing offerings (how you monetize your traffic).
Read more

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