How Not To Share Links On Facebook

Today's Facebook marketing tip revolves around the art of sharing links. Your most wanted response when you share a link is of course to get that click! How you share your link can have a big impact on your click-through-rate. Let's study the following example for a valuable link sharing lesson…

As I return from the family vacation, I used to get the "holiday blues"… I did NOT want to return to work.Read more

One Mistake To Avoid At Facebook

At Facebook, you need to make your point fast. Otherwise you’ll lose your readers’ interest and they move on to the next item in their Newsfeed. Some guides even advise to keep your status updates under 100 characters, shorter than your average tweet.… Read more

Video Posts Perform Poorly Time and Time Again

Over 84% of Internet users in the US watch online videos and consume an average of more than 20 hours of video per month. So you would think that posting videos on your Facebook Page would be an excellent strategy for optimizing reach and engagement.… Read more

Turn A Loser Into A Winner With 3 Simple Changes

Facebook is all about having fun, meeting friends, and sharing photos and personal stories.  On your Facebook Page, it’s all about communicating with customers and prospects in a rather informal way (depending upon your niche).

Don’t let the informal writing style, however, make you sloppy.… Read more

Think Twice Before Sharing Links On Facebook

As a Facebook Page owner, you want to drive traffic back to your main business hub, your website or blog. You also want to pass on industry news to your audience.  What do you need in order to achieve these objectives?  A link within a post will do the job.… Read more

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