Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which AI Assistant Is Best for Bloggers and Solopreneurs?

You’re juggling a million tasks, content creation included. AI assistants like Jasper AI vs Copy AI vs Solo Build It!’s Tai promise to be your secret weapon, but which one reigns supreme for busy solopreneurs and bloggers?

Fear not, fellow word warrior! This post dives deep into a Jasper AI vs Copy AI showdown, dissecting their features, strengths, weaknesses, and all the nitty-gritty details you need to make an informed decision.

We’ll discuss:

  • Content creation superpowers: Who generates long-form content that flows like a dream, and whose short-form snippets pack a punch?
  • Finding AI that fits your brand voice: Will these AI platforms craft content that sounds exactly like you, or are you stuck with a robotic tone to your content?
  • Budget-friendly champion: Solopreneurs need to be smart with their cash. We’ll discuss the most cost-effective option for your needs.
  • Consider your choices: Is there an even better alternative to Jasper and Copy AI? We’ll look into that at the end of our comparison.
  • For the time pressured: Jump directly to the alternative option. It’s the only AI assistant that boasts a direct integration to a sitebuilder, saving you time and money.

So, grab a coffee (or your beverage of choice) and let’s find out which AI assistant will become your ultimate content creation assistant!

Table of Contents for Our Side-by-Side Comparison

Jasper AI

As you enter Jasper’s home page, there’s a link for a free demonstration as well as a free trial, so you don’t have to incur expense prior to trying it out.

Once you sign up and log in, you’re greeted by a simple dashboard with seven links on the left. There’s an easy-to-find “Learn” button in the top-right corner if you want to do a tutorial first.

Creating Content

To create content right away, click the purple button in the top-left corner that says “Create Content.” Or you can use the prompt box on the right-center of the page, below the headline that reads, “What do you want to create?”

For my experiment, I chose the latter by clicking the Blog post button below the prompt box. That filled in a preformed prompt, which I modified by specifying what I wanted my post to be about, like this:

Once I clicked create, Jasper asked me to enter certain information as indicated in the image below. It wanted to know what I was interested in covering. It conveniently provided suggestions I could click on and add to the box. I was also able to type in my own instructions, freestyle.

Once complete, I clicked “Next” and let Jasper know what target audience my post was intended for. I chose “New Puppy Owners,” one of Jasper’s suggestions.

Once I answered all the questions, I clicked “Generate Now.” After that, it took roughly 50 seconds for Jasper to create the 700-word blog post you see here:

Blog Post Generated by Jasper AI

In addition to creating posts like the one above, Jasper provided options to edit or continue creating my post.

You can also use the Remix tool to add in and rework pieces of your content, or you can use chat right in the document editor. You can also tag a file as a favorite if you want to easily return to it again.


Aside from creating blog posts, Jasper has a repository of templates for you to browse and use. Templates are pre-designed prompts created to make your job easier.

Take a look at the wide array of templates Jasper has available. You can  customize them to suit your needs.

Jasper Templates List


Jasper’s Campaigns feature allows users to organize and manage content projects from inception to completion. It simplifies the process of creating, editing, and tracking multiple pieces of content, enabling efficient workflow and consistency across campaigns.

This tool is especially beneficial for users looking to streamline their content strategy and execution.

To illustrate, let’s say you publish a new page. You might also promote it by email, develop advertising campaigns, write a press release, and make social media posts. Those are the kinds of items held together in Campaigns for easy execution and tracking.


Next, Jasper AI includes an art generation tool that empowers users to create original images, enhancing their written content. You can use templates to create images, or use the Free form feature and prompt your own works.

This feature supports a range of styles, like anime, pop art, and surrealism, helping folks visually articulate their written ideas.

ClipDrop.co Acquisition – In February, 2024, Jasper AI expanded its art capabilities even further by acquiring Clipdrop from Stability AI. Clipdrop is an advanced AI image creation and editing platform that can remove backgrounds and objects with the click of a mouse.

Be aware that while I was able to access Clipdrop.co as a Jasper.ai user, many features required a Pro subscription, meaning there is an additional charge to reach all of Clipdrop’s features.
Clipdrop Removing a Background


With Jasper’s Chat feature, you can use conversational prompts to craft copy, reword sentences, or summarize areas of text. It’s a practical feature for fleshing out drafts and performing on-the-fly research.

It provides a simple way to interact with AI for various tasks. Anything you can do with chat, you can do with this tool.

Jasper AI Chat

Brand Voice

Online, you’re always just a click away from a post, ad, or article, so maintaining a consistent brand voice is imperative. Jasper AI’s Brand Voice feature allows users to tailor the tone and style of their content to reflect their brand’s unique identity.

This provides you with an even voice across the Internet so your Facebook posts are just as professional as your website. If your site has multiple contributors, this feature gets everyone on the same page using the same voice.

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Created with Jasper AI Art


The favorites feature is a way to organize and streamline the user experience. It allows you to save and quickly access your preferred templates, prompts, or settings.

It reduces the time spent searching for frequently used tools or configurations. It also enhances productivity, especially if you plan to use Jasper regularly.

Jasper Chrome Extension

If you’ve ever used Grammarly, this extension will have a familiar feel. Except, instead of being a grammar app, it’s an AI writing assistant. Use it in your Chrome browser to edit and compose emails, documents, and forms.

Once installed, double-click a word and up pops the “Ask Jasper” tool. A subsequent drop-down then gives you choices of what to do next. You can improve the writing, change tone or change length.

This is a very handy tool for rewrites! The Jasper Chrome Extension is also available for Edge browsers, but not Firefox or Safari.


Jasper AI’s Integrations module connects Jasper with various platforms and apps like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. This enables users to streamline their work, automate content creation, and publish across multiple channels directly from Jasper.

Here are some specific integrations available through this feature:

  • Microsoft Word Add-on
  • Google Doc Add-on
  • Jasper Webflow Integration
  • Jasper and Zapier
  • Jasper and Surfer SEO
  • Jasper and Make.com
  • Plagiarism Checker
Important note: Jasper AI is an AI content creator with a penchant for marketing. It’s not a sitebuilder. It requires Zapier, a third party application, to connect to a site builder like WordPress.

There’s a free version of Zapier, but if your needs should exceed that level, expect to pay an extra $19.99 per month or more.

Training, Support, and Help

Jasper AI provides comprehensive training, support, and help to assist you in acquiring the skills to maximize the platform’s capabilities. It includes detailed tutorials and resources to guide you through functionalities and best practices.

I found Jasper’s training materials and help to be well-written, easy to understand, and cleverly equipped with inventive tools to periodically assess how well you’re grasping the materials.

There’s also a dedicated help center, live chat, and community forums, where users can find answers to their questions and share insights with other users.

You may be interested in gaining pro level Jasper skills. Jasper AI has introduced a certification program designed to validate and recognize the expertise of individuals who navigate and leverage the platform effectively.

This certification is good for folks looking to document their well-honed Jasper AI skills.

Language Translations

Jasper AI offers language support and translations in 30 languages. This makes Jasper a versatile tool for those aiming to reach and engage diverse audiences in their native language.

The AI Engine

Another thing to consider about Jasper AI is the technology it’s built upon. I can’t say it any better than they do, themselves. Here’s how Jasper describes its AI engine:

From Jasper.ai

With access to several large language models, Jasper is well-equipped to generate high-quality AI-generated long-form content for its users.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI is an excellent AI assistant with a lot of features. Every solopreneur’s business is different with varying niches and products. My point is, you know your needs best. 

If you’re staying within a budget, though, you’ll need to decide if you’ll use Jasper enough to justify the expense.

  • Plans start at $468/year if you pay annually ($49/month if you pay monthly). This plan doesn’t include the art tool.
  • For $708/year (or $69 per month if paid monthly), you’ll also receive the art tool and some other advanced features.
  • An unlimited Business plan is available to give you more control, security, team training, and  tech support, but that’s a “Contact Jasper for More Information” plan.
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Copy AI

Having delved in-depth into Jasper AI, let’s turn our attention to Copy AI. In this segment, I’ll contrast Jasper’s AI content creation approach with Copy AI’s, so we can determine which platform is better for bloggers and solopreneurs.

Creating Content

Like Jasper, Copy AI also has a simple interface. When you log in, you’re greeted by seven functions on the left and a series of navigational boxes on the right. Then, you’re guided by the heading, “Get started with Chat.”

Unlike Jasper, Copy AI offers no obvious “Learn” button, so I dove in right away. I clicked the button called “New Chat” and was off to the races.

On the next screen, you’re given a short introduction and three suggestions for what to type into the chat prompt box. It’s indicated by the red arrow towards the bottom of the screenshot below.

I decided to try some longish content so I opted for “Create a blog post about” and used my keyword “puppy training tips” to complete the prompt. The finished prompt said: “create a blog post about puppy training tips.”

Notice I also changed the GPT option from 3.5 to 4 in the upper right corner. You’ll want to make sure you do that so you’re taking advantage of OpenAI’s most advanced model. After that, I clicked the > button next to the box.

Copy AI Results

It took one click of a mouse and 30 seconds to generate the page below. The result was a 500-word post.

You’ll notice in the earlier image  an “Improve” button under the prompt box. You can use that to make your results better. After I generated the post above, I went back and used that “Improve” feature just to see what would happen.

When I clicked the “Improve” button, a box opened to allow me to edit the instructions. I found that this feature could give me quite a bit of control over my output. Take a look:

The Improve Box in Action

For my test, I inserted a one-word change into my prompt to see how Copy AI would handle my request, as a follow-up prompt. Thirty seconds later, Copy AI delivered a brand new post implementing my requested changes. 

  • The original prompt was: 

Create a blog post about puppy training tips

  • The improved prompt was:

Create a blog post about effective puppy training tips

This revision also brightened the overall tone of the article, although I didn’t ask for that. You can see the results here, yourself:

One of Copy AI’s distinctions is its speed and smooth-feeling operation. To illustrate this, of the features I tested, all were one-click operations with Copy AI.

With Jasper, many functions required several clicks or clarifications before a task could be completed. That, to me, made Copy AI closer to “one click and done” than Jasper.

If you love speed, you might prefer Copy AI over Jasper if Copy AI can provide enough other features to be cost effective for your situation.

Some cautionary advice: Speed is secondary to creating high-quality helpful content (part of the Google algorithm).

Workflow Templates

The next way Copy AI grabbed my attention was its workflows. Workflows are prompt-based tasking templates. There are many different functions that can be done using these tools, all click-button easy.

Take a look. Are these tasks something you need for your business?

Copy AI Prospecting Workflows

About Workflows

If you’re curious what a workflow does or what it looks like, a workflow is a step-by-step process that results in task completion. Here’s an image of a marketing workflow to monitor competitor blogs.

Copy AI Marketing Workflow

In browsing through these workflows, you’ll see ways to automate many sales and marketing functions like email messaging, web searches for prospecting, and extracting data for lists.

Workflows are powerful tasking tools that increase productivity, if you know how to use them and if they’re something you need.

Brand Voice

Copy AI’s Brand Voice feature is a dynamic tool designed to ensure your brand’s unique tone, style, and personality are consistently reflected across all content generated by Copy AI’s platform.

To use this feature, you’ll begin by inputting examples of your brand’s content, such as social media posts, blog articles, or any text that embodies your brand’s voice.

The platform then analyzes this input to understand and replicate your distinctive tone and style across various content forms, from email marketing to social media.

Copy AI’s Brand Voice

AI OS Sales

AI OS for Sales uses artificial intelligence to streamline the sales process, clearly a productivity tool. If you’re a business owner with a sales team, AI OS Sales can help you with lead development, opportunity analysis and more.

This feature helps supply your people with data tailored to making the sales process more efficient.

Training, Support and Help

Copy AI’s overall design strategy has been to reduce or eliminate impacts on the speed and smoothness of its operations. Its training and support follow the same design.

Most of the materials I read or watched were short pieces of text or video. I could see how some people might appreciate this approach because it was light and easy-to-digest, like taking small bites instead of having a full meal.

However, unlike Jasper, whose Learning button was prominently displayed in the upper right corner of every page, you’ll need to scroll all the way down to the footer to find Copy AI’s Help section.

Once you do, though, you’ll find sections like Knowledge, Information on Starting Up, How to Engage With the Chat Tool, and Grasping the Nuances of AI Technologies such as GPT-3 and GPT-4.

Copy AI does not emphasize prompt training, so users unaware of its importance may need to learn effective prompting elsewhere. Fortunately, Solo Build It!’s team came up with a handy prompt-building cheat sheet. Click here to download it (free access, you don’t need to give your email address).

Language Translations

Copy AI supports 95 languages, with capabilities that extend across various templates and uses, enabling high-quality content creation for social media and advertising campaigns, as well as for multilingual websites or blogs​.

Bonus Tools

Copy AI’s popularity stems from its ability to generate high-quality content quickly, as well as the wide range of content types it serves up. One reason Copy.ai is so popular is the free artificial intelligence tools on the site, which you can find here. You don’t even need to log in to use them.

The AI Engine

Copy AI’s engine is powered by GPT-4, the fourth iteration of GPT developed by OpenAI, one of the first large language models to emerge.

Copy AI Pricing

Budget-minded folks will be pleased to know that Copy AI has a free chat plan. It includes up to 2000 words in chat. However, I ran out of free credits and needed to upgrade fairly quickly.

The paid Pro plan is $49 a month or $432 per year if paid annually. You get five users, unlimited chats, and 500 workflow credits per month.

Team plans are also available at $249/month or $2,232/year up front, which includes up to 20 users and 3K/month workflow credits. But most solopreneurs won’t have such a large team.

Created with Jasper AI Art

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which of These AI Writing Tools Is Better for You?

Now that I’ve explored their features, it’s time for the final judgment: Which platform is better for solopreneurs and bloggers?

Both platforms have helpful tools that offer fast, easy content creation with their own special features.

What I like about Copy AI: Great for fast copy and snippets. In addition to blog post creation capabilities, it can automate many processes, including sales and marketing activities.

The downside: Not every solopreneur actively sells a product, has a sales team or needs special marketing or sales automation. If that’s you, you won’t benefit from some of Copy AI’s tools.

What I like about Jasper AI: This tool streamlines the creative process using advanced language processing. It enhances productivity, adapts to user feedback, and simplifies high-quality writing, making it ideal for marketers and writers. But what about bloggers? Is Jasper AI best?

And the Winner of Jasper AI vs Copy AI is…

After testing both tools and experimenting with their various features, here’s my verdict:

Jasper is the better tool for solopreneurs and bloggers. 🥇

My final decision boiled down to these points in Jasper’s favor:

  • Jasper leverages multiple AI engines from big names like OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic. This translates to a clear advantage in long-form content creation compared to Copy AI. And we all know how important quality content is for achieving high search engine rankings.
  • Jasper has a built-in art generator, so you can make your own original art to enhance your content. This saves you time and money on stock images.
  • Similar to Grammarly’s extension, Jasper’s browser extension makes its tools available on the fly, extending Jasper’s reach into your browser window. Great for rewrites and research.

Is There An Even Better Choice?

save pin for later 👆

Even though Jasper won that battle, that doesn’t mean Jasper AI’s the best choice for every solopreneur or blogger. Because when all is said and done, the real question you should ask is:

“What AI tool do I need for my online business?” 

That’s because every business is different. Your needs will vary depending upon

  • Your niche
  • Whether you’ll build a website or start a blog
  • How big you want to grow (i.e. will you hire a team?)
  • How you plan to monetize
  • Whether you’re just starting out or are already established

Important Points to Consider

High-price tag ($) Jasper’s price point is high, especially if you don’t need all the tools or won’t use it enough to justify the expense.

Let’s Do the Math

If you build one page per week, every week, your per-page cost for Jasper ranges from $9 to $15 per page, depending upon the plan you choose. That’s just for the content. It doesn’t include your web host or sitebuilder.

And remember, if you miss a week, your cost per page goes up. Which leads me to my next point…

What are you paying for? Jasper is a content generation tool, not a sitebuilder.

That means bloggers and site owners will continue paying for hosting, plugins, security, email, and other tools they need to operate their business on top of their AI writing assistant. That’s in addition to Jasper’s $39-$69 per month price tag.

Integration into your site: Sure, you can copy and paste your Jasper results into your sitebuilder, then build your page. But if you want to connect Jasper to your sitebuilder in a one-click fashion, you’ll need to learn and use Zapier to connect your processes.

Zapier’s basic plan is free, but if it’s insufficient, your content-to-builder connection will cost you an extra $19.99 a month, or more.

Between Jasper, your sitebuilder, hosting, security, plugins, add-ons, and other integrations, you could easily wind up paying over $100 per month for your site. To some people, that’s a lot of money. ($$$)

Tai: An Alternative at a Fraction of the Cost

For solopreneurs and bloggers alike, building a successful online business is a process laden with tasks. And as the Internet expands, the number of tasks necessary for success expands as well. Today, AI writing tools are vital, but getting the right tool is what counts.

Like Jasper AI and Copy AI, Solo Build It!’s Tai is an AI assistant that helps you build high-quality, engaging content quickly. And like Jasper, Tai creates original images.

But something neither Jasper AI or Copy AI can do is integrate its output into a web page with the click of a mouse, without extra cost or the use of multiple applications.

With Tai, you create and edit your content right there, then click! send it to SBI!’s easy-to-use, drag and drop site- builder called BB2. One click, without having to read, learn, and navigate another platform, or worry about incurring extra charges.

From there, you build out your page and publish it — eliminating the cumbersome need for copying and pasting, or toggling between multiple tabs and third-party applications to get the content into your page.

Created with SBI!’s Tai

This operation extends way beyond mere convenience because using Solo Build It! (SBI!) opens the entire suite of SBI! tools to your disposal. Use them to build and grow your business. With SBI!, hosting, plugins, security, email, and other tools — everything’s included.

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Jasper AI vs Copy AI vs Tai Comparison: The Bottom Line

Need only an AI content generation tool? Jasper AI or Tai is your best option. You can try either for free and decide which one you like best. Jasper’s free trial is limited to 7 days. Tai comes with 20,000 free credits and no time limits.

Need a complete solution for starting a blog or website and growing it into an online business? SBI! with Tai included, is the way to go, as it contains everything you need in one integrated package. Or – if you are using WordPress – SBI! for WP with Tai.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which AI Assistant Is Best for Bloggers and Solopreneurs?
Brenda Rowe

Brenda Rowe

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