How An Oil Worker Brewed Up A Profitable Side Business


How An Oil Worker Brewed Up $3k A Month As A Side Business

I chose SBI! for many reasons, but mostly because it offered someone with no web skills a chance to build not just a professional, well-designed website, but a web business.Bobby Don Johnson

Welcome to A Christmas Carol — SiteSell-style! Each day re-introducing one of our successful SBIers and their amazing stories. Like the Ghost of Christmas Past, we have been revisiting these tales of old and seeing what lessons we can glean.

For this final Christmas story, we’re visiting with Bobby Don Johnson of who, in 2009, was facing a crisis.

Bobby was born in West Texas, got his degree from Texas State University, and is a veteran who served in the U.S. Army.

untitled-8For years, Bobby worked in the oil industry as a consultant field engineer, most recently on the North Slope in Alaska. And that’s where the problem lay.

You see, the oil industry is incredibly intertwined with world economies. As Middle East suppliers raise prices, nations halfway around the world are impacted. Similarly, when U.S. lenders started to fail in 2008, precipitating a global recession, demand for oil plummeted, and production had to react accordingly.

That left Bobby unemployed for an entire year.

Rather than spend time looking for a job that probably wouldn’t use his skills and expertise, , Bobby decided to use that time to start an online business.

That’s when Bobby found SBI!.

But, just like successful mompreneur Taylor Flanery, his choice of topic was quite different from his profession.

Build An Online Business From Your Passion

Bobby had been interested in winemaking for years, and had recently gotten into making beer and mead. But guess what? Researching how to make your own beer online was a huge challenge. Bobby’s interests led him to the realization of a need…

One that he could fulfill.

That’s when was born.

Being a big Bob Marley fan, and the fact that Marley rhymes with Barley, I chose Mob Barley as my pseudonym and the name of my brewery became Mob Barley’s Brewery.Bobby Don Johnson


Bobby has built a rich resource for anyone wishing to start their own home brewery. Each time he encountered a new problem or question, he would have to dig through a variety of websites, books and other sources to figure it out. Combining those answers with his own expertise and turning them into easily found content is a huge, value-add winning formula!

Building off the knowledge he gained from starting that first business, Bobby has gone on to begin a second business for himself. He now also teaches others how to start their own online business, based on SBI!’s CTPM Process (i.e., the right way to do it!). has grown into a very nice side project for Bobby. Passive income levels fully fund his brewing hobby (plus some lagniappe — look that one up! 😉 ).  

Even without more active monetization models (such as selling some of the delicious Mob Barley product), he has achieved the level of success that most solopreneurs only dream of – a success rate that is very common among SBIers. Following the right process, using the right tools, with guidance from like-minded community members whenever you need it, makes online business success doable.snowflake-separator

As we’re whisked away by the Ghost of Christmas Past, back to present-day, overlooking the streets crowded with busy people bustling through the Christmas Season, we’re reminded of how important things like family really are.

Just like Ebenezer Scrooge, we sometimes need to be confronted by such stories in order to truly recognize what’s important to us, and what we need to do to change.

Do not let another Christmas pass by while your dreams of owning a business fester in your belly like a bit of undigested cheese. Throw open the curtains and renew your lease on life! It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, now is the time to get started.

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How An Oil Worker Brewed Up A Profitable Side Business
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