How One Athlete Turned Pain into a 100,000 Visitors/Month


How One Athlete Turned Pain into a 100,000 Visitors/Month

I really think if someone is honest to him- or herself about his or her abilities and puts in the work, it’s almost impossible to fail with SBI! — seriously!Jan Lingen

Welcome to A Christmas Carol — SiteSell-style! Each day we re-introduced one of our successful SBIers and their amazing stories. Like the Ghost of Christmas Past, we have been revisiting these tales of old and seeing what lessons we can glean.

For this next Christmas story,, we’re visiting with Jan Lingen of Painotopia who, in 2004, was a poor student and misguided athlete who was studying English.

janYou see, despite Jan’s enthusiasm and interest in sports and outdoor activities, he struggled with constant injury. And, as a result, he suffered from constant pain.

He took university courses. He talked to doctors. Nothing worked! It wasn’t until he started to do his own research and try techniques like self-massage he discovered relief.

Jan went on to study Sports Science and specialized in the field of prevention and rehabilitation. After graduation, he even worked at the university for years, but was never satisfied.

Finally, in 2012, during a school break, Jan started reading about a program that helped people identify and refine their ideas, and turn those ideas into a real business. It was the kind of process that would help Jan deliver his pain-relieving techniques and information to far more people.

That program was SBI!.

I spent whole days in coffee shops absorbing everything SBI! had to say; I loved it, and there was so much to learn. I started to work on my online business and never stopped!Jan Lingen

Think you don’t know anything?

climbing-1024x684One of the things that Jan learned is that everybody knows something about some topic.  And there are loads of people who would love to benefit from that knowledge.  Sometimes, you have to use the “Under Your Nose” technique to find your niche, though.  

In other words, you don’t have to go to school, have a hobby or learn it on the job!  You could be living it, so close to your niche that you miss it. For example, while Jan knew a ton from his athletic endeavours and college, his expertise on pain was self-acquired.

Another SBIer wrote to our SBI! Forums that “she knew nothing about nothing,” that she was stuck at home taking care of her two elderly, invalid parents. She sounded hopeless.  A helpful and experienced SBIer suggested that she look “under her nose.”  

She had become an expert in caring for the elderly at home. As an expert in a field that will grow by leaps and bounds, she knew all there was to know about everything from “adult diapers” to “walkers,” from managing medication schedules to proper diet.

Although it’s easy to read and understand this, it’s amazing how often you need a little help with outside perspective to spot your “hiding in plain site” area of expertise.  Like Jan did…

Build An Online Business From Your Passion

Jan was clearly passionate about pain-relief and rehabilitation. Using SBI!’s Action Guide and the accompanying tools, he discovered, refined and confirmed a viable concept with strong monetization potential.

The most important thing for me was to only go into a niche that I was knowledgeable about. A niche where I had something to say and where I had firsthand experience. I thinks that´s key.Jan Lingen

What Jan built is amazing. His visitors and readers are able to quickly identify their areas of pain and then read what they should do to relieve it.  For anyone who knows the “h_ _ _” that the Internet is when you search on back or jaw or any other pain, a site like Jan’s is worth its weight in diamonds (which is often the cost of some medications! ).

No scams, no tricks, just excellent advice that often ends in simple and effective self-treatments.


In 2014, Jan took the incredible step of translating almost his entire English site into German. That second site now gets over 100,000 visitors a month! An unbelievable achievement.

Jan now enjoys two successful online businesses under the Painotopia umbrella. With SBI!, you can too! (It literally increases the chances of solopreneur success by 100X – it’s stil not easy, but it’s DO-able).

Jan’s Painotopia business has achieved the level of success that most solopreneurs dream of, yet is very common among SBIers. Following the right process with the right tools, while consulting with a community of like-minded solopreneurs in the SBI! Forums, is what makes online business success so much more doable than any other approach.


As we’re whisked away by the Ghost of Christmas Past, back to present-day, overlooking the streets crowded with busy people bustling through the Christmas Season, we’re reminded of how important things like family really are.

Just like Ebenezer Scrooge, we sometimes need to be confronted by such stories in order to truly recognize what’s important to us, and what we need to do to change.

Do not let another Christmas pass by while your dreams of owning a business fester in your belly like a bit of undigested cheese. Throw open the curtains and renew your lease on life! It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, now is the time to get started.

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How One Athlete Turned Pain into a 100,000 Visitors/Month
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