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How Much Will I Earn From AdSense?

How Much Will I Earn From AdSense?


Before you get too excited, this is an impossible question to answer. It’s like asking how long should a piece of string be. There are too many variables to give a useful reply.

Nevertheless, the information in this article should at least give you a better understanding of how AdSense earnings are calculated — and how you can use this knowledge to increase your earnings.Read more

Google’s Big Pap Attack, Part 1

Ken’s Blog

Thirteen days ago, I posted How Google May Knock You Out This Year, And What To Do About It.

That was preceded by a 3-Part Series on “All That Pap”.

Google is indeed off to the races to knock out content farms (BigCo or Little Guy, whoever has a business model that finds keywords that pay well with AdSense, and then creates regurgitated pap on those topics, plus-or-minus even-worse pap that links to the “money pap”).… Read more

“All That Pap” (Part 3): What YOU Can Do About It

Ken’s Blog

Continuing on from “All That Pap” (Part 2)…

Some of the scams and schemes actually work, short-term. (Most don’t, never did.) The sure sign that they will stop working soon is when they are sold publicly.

Public sale of GRQ tells you that the originators are having trouble making money with it, that there is more money in selling it (or giving away information about it and making money through the traffic generated).… Read more

“All That Pap” (Part 2): Poor Google vs. Universal Human Instinct To Get Rich Quick

Ken's Blog

Continuing on from "All That Pap" (Part 1)

"Poor Google"?  It's not often you would hear that phrase about Google.

But they have been recently and unfairly slammed by the cognoscenti about "quality of search" issues. That must scare Google because it was early "cognoscenti love" that pushed Google to "early adapter love" and leap the chasm to the mass market.… Read more

“All That Pap” (Part 1): How Google AdSense Brought Out Content Farms

Ken's Blog

Every morning, I settle into a routine. I scan the 150 or so blog-news-other feeds that I follow.

It struck me that it's my 2011 version of the 1961 version of my Dad settling into the Montreal Gazette (when it was the Montreal "morning paper"), except now…

1) I do not read newspapers, I barely follow "the world news." I follow what is relevant now, or may be relevant in the future, for SBI!… Read more

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