Google, Master Manipulator of the Press

Ken’s Blog

As I look back at the frenzy of activity after Google’s Pap/Farmer/Panda release, the overall conclusion is that Google did some good with this algorithm, knocking many content duplicators and paraphrasers out of the Search Engine Results Pages (“SERPs”).… Read more

Google’s Big Pap Attack, Part 2

Ken's Blog

This was not supposed to be Part 2. It was not supposed to exist at all, actually. But adding this is the only way I can help things make sense to those impacted by the other half of what Google is attempting to do… at the same time, it released its algorithm to fight content farms (except — it seems is not a pap-churner, after all, despite the clear impression to the opposite of thousands of knowledge surfers and Blekko's inclusion of it on their blacklist — but I digress).… Read more

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