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How to Narrow Your Niche and Beat the Big Guys

How to Narrow Your Niche and Beat the Big Guys

By Ken Evoy

There’s no doubt that a narrower niche is better. The Web has become more competitive (i.e., more supply), but there’s also more demand. This means that narrower-niche sites deliver more traffic than they did in the past.

“More demand” only translates if a site gets found.… Read more

A Solopreneur Earns Amazingly Good Money from Las Vegas… Without Gambling

Entrepreneur Spotlight: No, You Don’t Need a 9to5 Job To Live Happy and Earn Good Money (An SBI! Success Story)By Svetlana Rubejov,

Tell us about your website, When and why did you start your site?

I started Las Vegas Entertainment Guide in May 2012. Before that I had another website, also with SBI, which was doing pretty well right until it was demolished by Penguin – the major Google algorithm change that destroyed many online businesses.… Read more

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