Listening vs. Obeying

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Whenever you make changes to your Web site, or product, or service, or business in general, you are guaranteed to receive feedback that ranges from “I love it” to “I don’t like this particular feature” (opinion) to “This feature is broken” (fact) to “This feature makes it harder to _____ (fill in the blank)” (fact).… Read more

What’s a Typical Traffic Pattern?

Ken’s Blog

Every now and then, we all need to “rise out and above ourselves” and see the big picture, not of where we are, but where we are headed.

We generally see three basic traffic patterns…

1) Exceptional – there is a steady increase in traffic, month after month, starting quickly (in the first weeks to couple of months) and growing steadily and well thereafter.… Read more

What Is the Real and Noble Purpose of Business?
Ken’s Blog

There are two types of business models…

#1) Those who want to profit off of you by offering you a product that is worth less than the dollars you parted with in order to purchase it.

#2) Those who want YOU to profit off of them by offering you a product that YOU believe is worth more than the dollars you parted with in order to purchase it. … Read more

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