How Do You Recognize A Good Niche?

Niche Selection

The rest of your business rides on your choice of a niche or theme. SBI! calls this a "Site Concept."

A Site Concept is a keyword (ex., "Anguilla" or "Anguilla villas"). You use it as a focus for writing the information or content of your home page.… Read more

Digitize It… Sell It!

Digital & Hard Goods

If you can digitize it, you can sell it. Selling e-books, videos, digital photo collections, MP3s, DVDs, clip art, e-sounds, cartoons/art/ illustrations, or software takes the Internet beyond a communications medium.

When you sell digital or electronic goods, the Net becomes a frictionless, automated distribution channel.… Read more

Momentum Builds

Ken’s Blog

In the SBI! forums, SBIer DaNae ( proudly announced her “1000 unique visitor” day…

“It is amazing to think that I can reach more people in less than a month than the amount in my whole town of 16,000.Read more

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