Is Publishing an E-zine Worth the Effort?


With all of the noise about blogging, twittering and facebooking nowadays, you would think that everyone has forgotten about e-zines (i.e., e-mailed newsletters). If they have, that’s a mistake.

A quality e-zine lets you revisit your visitors. It reminds them about you, and it gives them reasons to return to your site.… Read more

Do You Know Your “Backup Response”?

E-Business Tips

What's in the future for those who leave your website? Not you or your website… not unless you put your business into their futures. 

The reality is, unless you provide "Backup Responses," they won't return to your site even if they like and bookmark it.… Read more

How and When To Monetize Your Site

Building a Theme-Based Content Site is a flexible strategy that anyone can use to create an online income. But do you know the #1 mistake that most small business people commit while starting their online businesses?

They start with Monetization.… Read more

Google’s Search Improvements
Ken’s Blog

Google has launched a ton of search improvements lately that have SEOers either crying, crying foul (the usual “Google owes me a living” or some variation thereof), or crying out that they are still relevant (as they become less and less so, at least in the traditional meaning of the SEO term).… Read more

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