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Facebook Tip: 4 Benefits of Sharing Your Website Visitors’ Photos
Guest post by Nisha Williams from

If your website tends to attract visitor contributions, especially photos, use them to boost your following and interaction levels on Facebook.

One of the things I love about Facebook is that it brings people together who are willing and ready to give compliments and likes to others who have created something.… Read more

Celebrate Milestones with Your Facebook Fans!
Guest post by Rachel Bruner from

Everyone can relate to reaching milestones, such as birthdays, graduations,
weddings, anniversaries, new births, etc. Who doesn't love to
congratulate their friends when they see these kinds of posts? Even if
they just hit the like button at least they are letting you know they
saw it!… Read more

Using Facebook For Business? Make Your Posts Actionable!

Using Facebook for business requires a delicate posting balance. You want to find the right mix of entertainment, education and promoting your product, service or website. In our 3+ years of Facebook marketing experience, one observation keeps coming up time and again…

Posts that contain more "meat" as we call it, i.e.… Read more

One Mistake To Avoid At Facebook

At Facebook, you need to make your point fast. Otherwise you’ll lose your readers’ interest and they move on to the next item in their Newsfeed. Some guides even advise to keep your status updates under 100 characters, shorter than your average tweet.… Read more

Talking About Yourself On Facebook – Good Or Bad?

When you use social networks for business, talking about yourself is usually not a recommended strategy. Your fan, follower or subscriber should be front and center in the content you share. Does this apply to your Facebook Page too? Let's find out how well this example of a self-referential post does on Facebook.… Read more

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