Growing Pains

Guest Blogs by SBIers

By Ashley Cotter-Cairns from

In my five years as an SBI! business owner, many things have changed. Most of them are for the better!

For one thing, I am no longer a “website owner.” I believe getting your brain around the concept of being a business person, not a website owner, is a huge hurdle that many entrepreneurs (including SBIers) never manage to leap over.… Read more

Too Much or Too Little E-Business Thinking?

E-Business Tips

The two biggest mistakes made by most entrepreneurs are actually opposites of each other…

1) Fire-Ready-Aim — the person who leaps before he looks. If this fits you, Ben Franklin said it best…

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” In other words, ignore the preparation work at your peril.… Read more

When They Are Ready

Ken’s Blog

I tweeted a few days ago about how one will never “get” SBI! until one is ready for its message. I learned that from my own sister and brother-in-law, in vivid technicolor, the day before.

My sister is a brilliant woman, a sensational under-achiever by my standards, but by her and her husband’s standards very happy living a simpler life.… Read more

Create a Strong Business-Building Chain

Ken’s Blog

There are many mistakes that small e-business owners make. I would say that most non-SBIers fail simply because they don’t have the right process-and-tools to take them all the way.

They may think they do, but they’re usually just buying into a faulty model (a Get-Rich-Quick scam, the latest hot thing, whatever).… Read more

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