Make Your Seasonal Posts Stand Out

Seasonal messages tend to attract attention and notes of appreciation. That's because most people like to celebrate major holidays and milestones. But here's the catch… what if every business on Facebook posts a similar message? How can you make your business stand out from the crowd?… Read more

Video Posts Perform Poorly Time and Time Again

Over 84% of Internet users in the US watch online videos and consume an average of more than 20 hours of video per month. So you would think that posting videos on your Facebook Page would be an excellent strategy for optimizing reach and engagement.… Read more

Be Selective About Posting Videos

Many Facebook marketers will tell you that video is an excellent medium for engaging your fans. And it is true that Facebook is now the second most popular video platform after YouTube, in terms of total viewers. It is certainly easy to be lulled into “following the crowd” when you see numbers like that.… Read more

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