Tease Your Facebook Fans With A Fun Challenge

Everyone likes a fun challenge and Facebook doubles that appeal. After your fans take the challenge on your Facebook Page, they can share it with their friends and then everyone can compare answers.

The best challenges are both entertaining and relevant to your audience.… Read more

Turn A Loser Into A Winner With 3 Simple Changes

Facebook is all about having fun, meeting friends, and sharing photos and personal stories.  On your Facebook Page, it’s all about communicating with customers and prospects in a rather informal way (depending upon your niche).

Don’t let the informal writing style, however, make you sloppy.… Read more

Cross-Promote Your Social Media Networks

So many social networks, and so little time. How do you choose which one gets most of your attention and efforts? Go where your followers go, of course!

Experience has taught us that our most lively visitor interactions occur at SiteSell Facebook.… Read more

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