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The Importance of Open Graph (OG) Tags

The Importance of Open Graph (OG) Tags

Open Graph (OG) tags are part of every page of your site. This article discusses why OG tags are important, and what each one does to help you and your visitors promote your site on social media sites.

Why OG Tags Are Important

The OG protocol allows you to turn your website into objects in Facebook’s social graph.Read more

Lessons Learned From the SiteSell FB Page Fiasco

Ken's Blog

This is a follow-up posting about the Facebook fiasco, written the day after they finally restored our SiteSell Facebook page.

Some profound lessons were learned (the hard way). Let's share with you ("the smart person is the one who learns the hard lesson from the voice of experience, the easy way")…

Lesson #1: The Power of Community

Have no doubt about this… This SiteSell Facebook Page is back up because of YOU.… Read more

Ken’s Take on Google’s +1

Ken’s Blog

Now that I’ve had a bit more time to digest Google’s recent “+1” beta release, here’s a more detailed short-and-long term look at what it all means…

First, to SBIers who don’t have time to read about “yet another social thing” or who are worried about “one more thing to learn and master”…

You have nothing to do.… Read more

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