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Are You Paying for Plagiarism or Quality Content?

Content & Article Writing

Be sure you are not buying plagiarism if you outsource content. You become legally responsible.

First, you should have a basic agreement in place that includes a point that all material submitted is original, does not violate anyone else's copyright and that they have the sole right to sell it to you, and that they are selling it exclusively to you.… Read more

Google, Master Manipulator of the Press

Ken’s Blog

As I look back at the frenzy of activity after Google’s Pap/Farmer/Panda release, the overall conclusion is that Google did some good with this algorithm, knocking many content duplicators and paraphrasers out of the Search Engine Results Pages (“SERPs”).… Read more

Google’s Big Pap Attack, Part 1

Ken’s Blog

Thirteen days ago, I posted How Google May Knock You Out This Year, And What To Do About It.

That was preceded by a 3-Part Series on “All That Pap”.

Google is indeed off to the races to knock out content farms (BigCo or Little Guy, whoever has a business model that finds keywords that pay well with AdSense, and then creates regurgitated pap on those topics, plus-or-minus even-worse pap that links to the “money pap”).… Read more

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