Maximize Social Engagement With Optimal Hashtags
Maximize Social Engagement With Optimal Hashtags
More than ever, search results are determined by “offsite signals” generated by the quality and relevance of your content. Keywords are still important, but optimizing the use of hashtags will give your content increased exposure. But don't use popular hashtags, do this instead.
The TRUE-TRUE-BUT Red Herring Phenomenon

E-Business Tips

A “pearl” from the SBI! Forums…

We are a species that likes to tie two events into neat cause-and-effect packages. Except for when circumstances are simple and obvious, events are just too complex to be able to do that.… Read more

Network Marketing on the Net…
Factors That Affect Your Conversion Rate

Network Marketing

There are 5 major factors that affect how well you convert online visitors/leads to potential customers and downline members. Let’s examine each one…

Factor #1 — Network Marketing Has a Stigma

If you have a website about telecommunications, for example, and try to “pitch” your ACN Network Marketing opportunity too soon (i.e., right on your site), the odds are you are…

  • not going to convert that person, and/or…
  • going to alienate visitors to your site who might otherwise have been interested in some of your other income-producing offerings (how you monetize your traffic).
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