Create Multiple Streams of Income In Your Online Business

You’ve very likely heard the expression, “multiple streams of income”. The phrase has been used in the titles of books. The concept is taught in some business courses.

These days, earning income from a variety of sources is pretty smart. Your business can be more stable in different economies.… Read more

Does the “M” Stage Make You Feel Uncomfortable?


The art of business is for the marketer and the customer to gladly make a profit off each other. Your customer happily parts with time or money in return for whatever you are offering.

Selling something does not put you in the “used car salesman” slot unless you do it badly, meaning that your customer does not make a profit off of what you offer.… Read more

Put Your Blinders On!

Ken’s Blog

One of my favorite jokes is also an excellent teaching tool. It starts with a little old lady calling the police…

“You have to come immediately. There’s a man walking around in his apartment across the street, with all the lights on, stark naked.”

The police rush over.… Read more

A Letter From an SBIer

Ken’s Blog

I received a wonderful e-mail yesterday. An SBIer sent it privately because he didn’t want it in the SBI! Forums.

There were several strong lessons in it, so I asked him if I could make a post about it if I removed all identifiable information.… Read more

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