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What Affiliate Marketers Need to Know About Google’s Mobile Algorithm

What Affiliate Marketers Need to Know About Google's Mobile Algorithm

Google’s April 21st Mobile Algorithm changes have created quite a stir online. Yet, these changes are a good thing and with the ever-increasing popularity of mobile, something we’ll need to be mindful of going forward. After all, over 700 million(!) people currently use mobile devices and as mobile content “consumers” we’re only going to get more sophisticated both as searchers on mobile devices, and, as mobile individuals.… Read more

SiteSell Helps Members Achieve Mobile-Readiness

SiteSell Helps Members Achieve Mobile-Readiness

By working with Google and providing key upgrades, SiteSell continues to support solopreneurs seeking to grow their online business.

SiteSell has been helping people realize their dream of owning their own business for nearly two decades. During that time, while fostering tens of thousands of solopreneurs, the company has watched the development and maturation of online technology, particularly with regard to search, and has been ever-mindful of how those changes impact SiteSell customers.… Read more

Mobile Design Meets User Experience

Mobile Design Meets User Experience

With so many articles published in the last few weeks about Google’s April 21 2015 algorithm update, an important point may be overlooked as site owners focus on optimization to accommodate various device sizes…

Mobile-ready is fundamentally about giving all users a terrific user experience regardless of their device.… Read more
The Secret To Beating Google’s Algorithm Changes

The Secret To Beating Google’s Algorithm Changes

Once again, Google, the evil empire, is altering the deal. The deal was, we put up websites, and Google sends us traffic, right? Yet we’ve learned that on April 21st, Google is making another algorithm change, and we just have to pray they don’t alter the deal further.… Read more

A Solopreneur Earns Amazingly Good Money from Las Vegas… Without Gambling

Entrepreneur Spotlight: No, You Don’t Need a 9to5 Job To Live Happy and Earn Good Money (An SBI! Success Story)By Svetlana Rubejov,

Tell us about your website, When and why did you start your site?

I started Las Vegas Entertainment Guide in May 2012. Before that I had another website, also with SBI, which was doing pretty well right until it was demolished by Penguin – the major Google algorithm change that destroyed many online businesses.… Read more

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