Online Business and Your Site Concept Tolerance Range

Niche Selection

Looking for a formula to determine the best niche or site concept for your online business? It's impossible to give a set formula, as much as we'd all love to have one.

You have to look at the interplay of the number of keywords, along with their Demand, Supply and Profitability, along with your own goals and time commitment, etc., etc.… Read more

Money or Passion, What Motivates You?

Niche Selection

Passion is what makes most people successful. From Steve Jobs, to Richard Branson, to Warren Buffett, "passion" is one of the must-haves for most people to have success in business. The reason is simple…

As anyone building a business (e-biz or offline) will tell you, it's hard work.… Read more

Find the Right Spot on the Narrow-to-Broad Niche Spectrum

Niche Selection

Identifying the best niche for your business is a challenge. It boils down to a judgement call on your part.

Generally, the broader and/or more competitive a certain niche is, the more effort you will need to expend and the longer it will take for your keywords to win the Search Engine wars.… Read more

How Do You Recognize A Good Niche?

Niche Selection

The rest of your business rides on your choice of a niche or theme. SBI! calls this a "Site Concept."

A Site Concept is a keyword (ex., "Anguilla" or "Anguilla villas"). You use it as a focus for writing the information or content of your home page.… Read more

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