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An “Early Stage” Niche Requires Hard Thinking and Time

Niche Selection

A niche that is slightly ahead of the curve (or an "early stage" concept) requires some dedicated brain work AND time to develop a just-right Site Concept. So there is nothing to worry about if researching and analyzing several potential keywords in DAY 2 takes you a month or so.… Read more

Why Start With 3 Niche Ideas?

Ken’s Blog

Why does the SBI! Action Guide suggest that you start with 3 potential niche ideas? I’ll tell you a short story to explain why…

When I was a professional toy inventor, just about every major toy company in the U.S.… Read more

What’s a Typical Traffic Pattern?

Ken’s Blog

Every now and then, we all need to “rise out and above ourselves” and see the big picture, not of where we are, but where we are headed.

We generally see three basic traffic patterns…

1) Exceptional – there is a steady increase in traffic, month after month, starting quickly (in the first weeks to couple of months) and growing steadily and well thereafter.… Read more

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