Are Your Web Pages Doing Their Job?

Content & Article Writing

When you build Web pages for your content site, there are two audiences to please – human visitors and the Search Engine spider bots. The goal is to best meet both of their expectations and to also get your "most wanted response"…

1) For your human readers, make your copy sufficiently compelling to get the click directly to your income source, or as a second choice to a related content page.… Read more

Images Are Also Content

Content & Article Writing

Images are also content… especially if your niche is very visual (ex., a travel niche). If your site fits that bill, optimize all images by following these guidelines…

1) File Name:  The page's keyword should be in the image's file name (the exact keyword is best, dashes between each word in a multi-word keyword).… Read more

Getting Free Targeted Web Traffic to Your Site Is Not Rocket Science

Traffic Generation

Building your own free targeted web traffic is how you will truly own your online business.

There’s nothing wrong with supplementing traffic by buying Pay-Per-Click advertising, or opening a Yahoo! or eBay store. But, keep in mind… the day you stop paying for your traffic is the day your traffic stops.… Read more

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