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Placement Strategies To Maximize AdSense Income

Placement Strategies To Maximize AdSense Income

The amount you make per click can vary tremendously, and so can the Click-Through Rate (CTR). Consistently high earnings are possible, if you can manage to keep low-paying ads off your pages. It’s a demanding strategic challenge, but very doable.… Read more

The Importance of BAM… Raw Intelligence Is Over-Rated!

The Importance of BAM... Raw Intelligence Is Over-Rated!

By Ken Evoy…

Raw intelligence is nice to have, but it’s not the be-all and end-all for achieving successful results with your online business… or life, for that matter.

Intelligence is overrated. Worse still, it does a disservice to the top 5% of successful online business owners who do have it, and it makes the 95% of people who form the big middle bulge of the bell curve feel “ordinary.” Here’s why…

Our education system measures us all according to intelligence.… Read more

16 Tips for Travel Site Affiliate Links

16 Tips for Travel Site Affiliate Links

By Greg Mattson (…

AdSense is, and continues to be, the main source of income for our travel websites and those of other people in this niche.

But in the last 6 months to a year, we’ve been able to broaden income diversification on our 2 travel sites, especially for the site.Read more

Does the “M” Stage Make You Feel Uncomfortable?


The art of business is for the marketer and the customer to gladly make a profit off each other. Your customer happily parts with time or money in return for whatever you are offering.

Selling something does not put you in the “used car salesman” slot unless you do it badly, meaning that your customer does not make a profit off of what you offer.… Read more

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