Make Your Writing Feel Like a Welcoming Handshake


The goal of good writing is to communicate… to build relationships with your audience.

All day long, in your "offline life," you do exactly that. You PREsell yourself. You build your personal "offline brand of one." This is the image that people have of you.… Read more

How To Turn Apprehensive Visitors Into Raving Fans


Your long-term online reputation begins the moment a visitor arrives at your site. Take some time to do an objective review of your site. Are you doing the best you can to please your visitors and establish credibility?

Convert apprehensive visitors into trusting raving fans by paying close attention to this e-business building advice…… Read more

Affiliate Marketing – PREselling With Product Reviews

Affiliate Marketing

An effective strategy for affiliate marketing is researching and/or using products and writing reviews about them. Your readers will value an honest, well written review that includes your personal experience with the product, a detailed description of its pros and cons, and other insider information.… Read more

Affiliate Marketing – Understand Your Visitors’ Mindset

Affiliate Marketing

Your strategies and actions as an affiliate marketer directly affect your Conversion Rate (CR). In this entry, we'll talk about how to PREsell effectively.

Let's look at examples of how "low-CR affiliates" create negative mindsets by
making how-you-reach, what-you-say, or how-you-refer boo-boos.… Read more

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